Skincare Empties #14

Hi All, Starting another month of the year 2019 with an empties post. I have been hoarding skincare products like anything since last year only to realize how little product we need for each use. So basically there is no point in hoarding two tubs of moisturizer which are 50 gms. It surely goes a […]

Skincare Empties #13

So starting the year with another empties post. Am super excited for the Year 2019 as I have set some goals for my blog as well as my shop. Let’s dive in for the empties post,like. I didn’t empty any new products as I have been very inconsistent with my skincare routine.  Plum Green Tea […]

Skincare Empties #10

Last updated on 11 August, 2022Hi All, Am really really happy that am able to empty more and more products and keep on getting to know what works for me and which products are good and which are good enough to be repurchased. Let’s head straight to the list and see which all products are […]

Skincare Empties #9

Last updated on 11 August, 2022Heya, So as I write this post am really patting my back as I have emptied another set of products. I am actually making room for some new products as well as different brands whenever I post an empties list. But this time I have emptied some products which had […]