Skincare, Bodycare Empties #19

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend. I have been using a lot of products regularly and with the advent of covid-19 and the March lockdown and all I just threw away some 10-12 products without writing an empties post. Later on again in June I was thinking of making a post but the place where I store my empty products was literally overflowing. So in all I have thrown some 20-24 empty products without writing an empties post on the blog.

You can consider this empties post as the products emptied over a period of last 10 months. The products listed below are of a particular category like face wash or masks or moisturizers and it’s hard to finish off many products from the same category. The saffron gels listed below am using since last one year literally, so next time you think about quantity before moisturizing consider how long even 30 gms can go long in case of moisturizer.
Cleansers/ Face Wash
Green Beauty Blessings Ubtan and Mylk
The Ubtan and Mylk has been reformulated to Elemental Ubtan now. It is a good option to remove sunscreen as it is an emulsifying cleansing ubtan. I thoroughly enjoyed using it, although I won’t be repurchasing it due to my budget.
Svashudi Kesar Badam Face Cleanser
I am sucker for powder cleansers and Svashudi has some amazing powder cleansers. Having said that I have used two powder cleansers from their range and enjoyed using this one. Again am not repurchasing this one soon as I already bought another powder cleanser from Svashudi range.
Himalaya Blueberry Face Wash
I enjoyed using Himalaya Blueberry Face Wash as a change to my powder cleansers. However I am testing some products currently and have definitely found out some good foaming ones as a substitute for this face wash. Read my Blueberry Fresh Start Face Wash Blueberry Review
Greenie Mill Avaram Seena and Moringa Powder to foam Cleanser
Greenie Mill products are good according to formulation and price point. This face wash was a good pick if you are looking for foaming powder cleansers. I won’t be picking it up again as am already using the new launch by Greenie Mill and it’s definitely better than this one.
Pond’s Micellar Water
I had picked up on a whim while wondering through a hyper market. I like how it removes the Pond’s BB Cream and also helps to remove Lakme Eyeliner. If you are someone who doesn’t like double cleansing then you can use Micellar water to remove makeup. Although there is already a debate on whether to use a face wash again after using Micellar water or not. Also Read Pond’s Micellar Water Review to get an idea how it works.
Pond’s Clay Face Wash
This is a big no for me according to performance and price. The scrub particles feel harsh and definitely doesn’t feel that clean.
Earthy by Ellenza Saffron Gel
This was my first ever Saffron gel and I loved using it. Using a thick layer isn’t advised as it just sits on the skin then.
Pureskinblends Saffron Gel
Pureskinblends Saffron gel was also good and kind of watery as compared to the Earthy by Ellenza one. I thoroughly enjoyed using both. Took me a long long time to finish both of them
Plum Green Tea Night Gel
My favourite night time gel which reduces my cystic acne in a couple of days. I already have two backups of these. I have been using it since last 3 years. Read my detailed Plum Green Tea Night Gel Review
Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel
Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel is a good one if your skin is breaking out with everything. It is a hydrating moisturizer and oil free moisturizer in India. This one goes well under sunscreen. Read the detailed Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel Review
Face Masks
Roop Mantra Haldi Chandan Face Pack
I liked how the Roop Mantra Haldi Chandan Face Pack gives a nice glow while being a readymade clay mask. It is very affordable and easily available too. I already have another backup. You can read the Roop Mantra Haldi Chandan Face Pack review
Antheia Essentials Brazilian Purple Clay Mask
I enjoy the scent of this mask. I thoroughly enjoyed using it and will be picking up once I finish my current stash.
Just Herbs Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack
This one is not meant for my oily skin and so I ended up using it as a body wrap. It has a typical almond oil fragrance and feels nice. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.
Native Circle Anti Pigmentation Face Pack
I had picked up this from a Native circle store near my home. I used this as a body mask and body scrub. Overall speaking it was a good one.
Plum Green Tea Face Mask
My ultimate favorite mask which I use for my acne prone skin. I already have a backup.
Eye Cream
Vya Naturals Under Eye Cream
Vya Naturals Under Eye Cream I have used for the longest time that is almost one year. I later stopped using it as it was nearing expiry and I didn’t want to take any chances with my eye care. Read Vya Naturals Under Eye Cream Review
Body Creams/Lotions
Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream
Full credit to my husband for finishing up the big tub of Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream. It is an affordable and easily available one. Although we won’t be picking it up again.
Antheia Essentials Body lotion
Antheia Essentials body lotion is very moisturizing as well as hydrating without the sticky or watery feel. This was majorly used by my husband and he liked it. I will pickup later in summers when body butters are a big no.
Dot and Key Underarm Colour correction Mask
It is a good underarm mask although I didn’t find any difference in the colour correcting claim and would just suggest you to use as an underarm detox mask. The mask lasts long time and it took me one year to finish this one. Read the Dot and Key Underarm Mask Review
Hand cream
Dot and Key Hand Cream plus Sanitizer
I used to this one as it was lying in drawer for so long time. It’s a good one while traveling during covid-19.
Innisfree Sunscreen
I liked using this sunscreen although later on I found out a better sunscreen for my oily, acne prone skin so I don’t plan to repurchase this one. Innisfree Sunscreen will be a good one for dry and normal skin types.
So these were the empties which I finished using up over the past one year and more than that. I will soon be posting a lot of reviews so keep an eye on them.