Skincare, Bodycare Empties #16

Last updated on 10 November, 2022

I couldn’t empty some products last month as I was very busy with my shop on Instagram. It was so hectic that I also hardly had any time to follow a proper skincare routine. Anyway, I still have managed to empty the products over a span of two months that is March and April and goin to post about it now.

Juvena Herbals Gold Saffron massage cream
My absolute favorite massage cream which not only nourishes the skin but also make sit smooth and glowing. I might pick up again once I clear out my stash of massage creams.
Plum Green Tea Toner
I have a love and hate relationship with this toner. Sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t like it. I don’t know why and how I don’t feel like using it on a regular basis. Also the instructions say that we need to gently swipe the toner on face, this I hadn’t read and I was using it wrong all the time. Also I do pat it sometimes on my skin and am good to go. The bottle will last you longer than thought so if you like using a toner plus grab this.
Prakrta Aloe Gel
My absolute favorite gel which I also used for one of my skincare DIY. I also use it on a daily basis whenever I am at home. Overall a good aloe gel to pickup if you are looking for one.
Greenie Mill Hemp And Tamanu Gel to Milk Cleanser
My ultimate favourite cleanser which I used up during the whole month of April. Please excuse the leaking of the Cleanser since the packaging is not up to the mark. Although the brand has changed the packaging and I can’t wait to pick up my next bottle. I already have another one so I will use up it before grabbing new packaging.
Sachi Rituals Earthy Elements Face Mask
A good face mask if you are looking for a change. I used it on my body too for a detox sort of a thing and it made me feel very refreshed.
Nature’s Destiny Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion
A good budget friendly body lotion to grab during the summer season. I like how it hydrates the skin without making it feel greasy.
So that’s all for the previous two months empties. Am working on a few new blog posts and don’t forget to check the blog often.

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