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Skincare Villa (https:/// is a personal blog wherein I, Sonali Patil, the blog owner shares my experience of beauty products review, DIYs and random personal experiences.

The content of this blog doesn’t, in any manner, intend to hurt the feelings, sentiments, beliefs of any caste, community, religion, creed, continent or person.
All the images are clicked by me and are subject to copyright. Some images used from other sources will be credited. Some images used are ‘No attribution required images’ and need no credit.
Neither the blog nor the owner of this blog endorses any product or brand or website or social platform.
Neither the blog nor the owner of this blog endorses fairness creams or fairness. If any such product is reviewed, it is for the sheer purpose of review for the end users.
Neither the blog nor the owner of this blog hold responsibility for effects of, the food recipes or diet related posts shared on the blog, on you. Please consult your doctor before proceeding with diet related posts on this blog.
The products reviewed, either sent by brand or purchased with own money, are based on personal use and experience. No product review is biased or influenced by the brand.
The owner of the blog is not made any monetary compensation for the product reviews. If that is the case it will be duly marked.
All the products are purchased by my own money, unless stated otherwise. Products sent by brand or won in a giveaway will be marked duly.
Neither the blog nor the owner of the blog is liable for the effects of the products reviewed on the blog after your personal use. Reviews are based on personal experiences and that may differ from person to person. Sensitive skinned people should test patch all the products before proceeding.
The information given here is true to my knowledge but it’s not possible to update each and every review over the period of months or years. So the price, availability, shelf life, names of the products reviewed might change or differ over a period of time.
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No blog post on this blog is to be considered as a replacement of professional healthcare advice.