Skincare and Haircare Empties #22

Last updated on 4 February, 2024

Hello peeps,
I am here with another empties post for you all. It gives me immense satisfaction when I use a product till the last bits. Sometimes we feel as we miss the product once we empty, but hold on, don’t do that.

It’s just human, to get attached to a particular product or fragrance or the feel of the product. Check your stash for the products from same category and you will be able to find something. Let’s get started with the empties of May 2021. I have used the products over a period of time and not in one month or something.

Suganda Hyaluronic Acid Serum

A good Hyaluronic Acid Serum which performs it’s job well. I have used it when my skin feels especially dehydrated or stretched out. I have used it underneath the Plum Green Tea Oil Free Moisturizer too and it works well. The only problem it the dropper, the serum tends to stick to the dropper and sometimes I just dispense the serum with using the dropper.

Puremie Royal Ubtan

I totally loved using the Puremie Royal Ubtan. I loved it’s texture and fragrance. I love everything powder-based cleansers.

Sheez Beauty Bath Powder

I loved using this bath powder on my face as well as for bath. The texture is very fine making it suitable for even sensitive skin.

Foy Naturals Rice & Floral Mix Face Mask

Oh! I absolutely loved using this face mask as a cleanser as a part of my morning routine. Totally loved the texture and effects. I was thinking of picking up another one, but then I realized I could easily make one and bam I made a herbal face wash!

Himalaya Herbals Under eye cream

The eye cream started to smell little oily as it had been almost one year I opened it. Also the top of the cream packaging had a little crack. While closing the lid we have to be careful not just for this eye cream, but all eye creams with such packaging.

Accoje Reviving Gel Cream

I liked using Accoje reviving gel cream as a wash off mask before applying my night cream and it lasted me so so long. The product is pretty pricey and fragrance is also little strong sort. I feel we can get better hydrating gel and mask in lesser price.

Satthwa Argan Oil shampoo

This sulphate free shampoo I have been using since some 3 years. I use other shampoos sometimes, but keep on coming back to this one. It also removes the oil or any other hair mask if you apply very nicely. I already have a back up.

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