Skincare Empties #21

Finally am back with an empties post to give you an idea which products are really worth buying, which ones are hyped up. I have a mix of everything which was emptied right from eye gel to face wash to body lotion. I haven’t emptied any of these products in one month, rather have been […]

Project Pan July 2019

Hoarding skincare is a sin I have been committing since many years. But not anymore, I do get tempted and sometimes buy products, but one thing I have also been doing is emptying products on a regular basis and writing a post about them. Project Pan I had heard in case of Make-up wherein you […]

Skincare Empties #14

Hi All, Starting another month of the year 2019 with an empties post. I have been hoarding skincare products like anything since last year only to realize how little product we need for each use. So basically there is no point in hoarding two tubs of moisturizer which are 50 gms. It surely goes a […]

Skincare Empties #13

So starting the year with another empties post. Am super excited for the Year 2019 as I have set some goals for my blog as well as my shop. Let’s dive in for the empties post,like. I didn’t empty any new products as I have been very inconsistent with my skincare routine.  Plum Green Tea […]