Skincare Empties #20

Last updated on 5 February, 2024

Using up products till the last bits is very tough especially the moisturizers. I have been using a few products over months before emptying them. So the below mentioned products were neither emptied in one go or one month. I have posted a review of the few products so I will link them below for your reference.

Skincare Empties #20

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizating Night Cream

I have been using this night cream since many years and I might get this again in the future due to it’s light weight texture. I really love it’s fragrance.

Pond’s Superlight Gel Moisturizer

The Pond’s gel is something which I have been using since March 2020. I used it on and off while testing out other products. I recently found out that using a thick layer of this one works wonders on my skin. Read Pond’s Superlight Gel Moisturiser Gel Review

Le Ritual Serum

Le Ritual is a new brand and I have previously reviewed the serum and eye serum as well. Am just waiting for their new launches. I thoroughly enjoyed using the serum during the winters as skin tends to get dry sometimes. I have already picked up another one on offer.

L’Oreal Anti Shine Icy Gel

A recent good light weight moisturizer I found out for my oily, acne prone skin. This gel works best as a sleeping mask and reduces most of the dehydration signs of my skin. I would love picking it up on a discount.

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask

One of my favorite clay masks and that too with glycolic acid. I have been using it for a long, long time and thoroughly love how it cleanses and brightens my skin without drying out. I would definitely say this is one of the best clay mask in India.

The Nature’s Co Face Massage Cream

I swear by a massage cream to reduce my acne marks. I am going to repurchase this one soon. I love how it nourishes my skin without being greasy and oily.

Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser

A powder cleanser which has disappointing me in terms of texture and composition. It badly stings when it enters the eyes. I mostly used it as a scrub as I was not using my glycolic acid night gel.

Svashudhi Sugandha Churna

My favorite powder cleanser which I received as a PR and then I went ahead and purchased a full size product. I love how it makes the skin soft and smooth. I might repurchase this again.

Puremie Hibiscus Gel

A gel which I used on my hair and mixed in my hair packs too. I love how it nourishes the hair while making it soft and bouncy.

Zofla Rose Water

Zofla products were gifted to me by one of my fellow bloggers Hiral and I thoroughly enjoyed using both of them. Rose water is best in reducing the skin itching and irritation. I used it in mixing my powder based face packs too.

Zofla Vetiver Water

I loved vetiver water the most out of rose water and vetiver water. It smells amazing and even after using it for almost one year, the fragrance of the water has faded just a bit. I love it, earthy and soothing fragrance to lift up the mood.

I haven’t used any foaming cleanser as I was busy testing out the foaming powder cleansers. I also didn’t use any sunscreen all these days so you won’t find any sunscreen empty too. That’s it, I hope you like this post and find it helpful.

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