Skincare and Bodycare Empties #32

Hope you all are doing well. I just can’t believe that one month of 2024 is over and we are already in February. I am kickstarting the new month with an empties post. I have used some of the below products very regularly and have a clear idea about which ones I can repurchase and which ones I won’t be getting again.

See Love Cleansing Oil
A good oil cleanser can be a game changer for everyone’s skin and so is the See Love Cleansing Oil. The silkiest ever cleansing oil that takes off makeup and sunscreen easily without causing any irritation to the eyes. I love how this one lasted me more than I thought. I love the subtle fragrance and easy emulsification this one has. Some might feel it’s a little heavy on pockets but I think it’s worth every penny.

Dr Sheth’s Vitamin C and Cermaide Moisturizer
Ever since I have started using oil free moisturizer by reading the ingredients’ list my skin has been clearing up pretty much. I try and stick to oil free skincare products and Dr Sheth’s moisturizer has been one of the bets finds of 2023. The gel cream texture combined with barrier repairing ceramides is what I like about this moisturizer. I am sure of picking up this one again.

Dr Sheth’s Salicylic Acid face wash
I expected a lot from this face wash and I was disappointed at some point while using this Salicylic Acid face wash. Dr Sheth’s Salicylic Acid face wash is a little strong for my oily acne prone skin and works better as a salicylic acid body wash. I have used this face wash with normal tap water instead of lukewarm water or hot water and could notice a difference it made to my skin. I might as well skip buying this one again.

Plum Green Tea Night Gel
I have used this gel as a face mask mostly and it has lasted me for a good 5-6 months. With new moisturizer launching every month by different brands I think I am going to skip this forever now.

Plum Niacinamide Sunscreen
Currently am using another sunscreen by Plum and BeBodywise but I miss the brightening and glass skin effect this sunscreen gives. I already have a back-up of this one. However, with the new generation UV filter sunscreens being launched by various brands is making me think about this one again. I may keep on rotating the new sunscreens and this one.

Simple Refreshing Face Wash
A gentle yet effective cleanser that works as a morning cleanser or a second one in double cleansing is how I would describe the Simple Refreshing Face wash. It isn’t a must have for oily, acne prone skin but is highly recommended by dry, normal and sensitive skin types. I can easily say this is a good face wash for sensitive skin. I was so bored of using it while 1/3 quantity was left. The face wash is available in 50ml pack also in Health and Glow shops.

Plum Red Velvet Body Butter
Plum body butter in red velvet variant will make you feel as if you are a baker or have just used a nice body mist that smells sweet. The body butter is moderately moisturizing in nature and will suit normal (body skin) type. This jar lasts so long that I have decided not to stock up on such huge quantity at once.

Apart from these I have emptied many other products that I will post as an empties sometime during March. Hope this empties post gives you an idea of how products will work for your skin type.

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Sonali, is a skincare aficionado who tackles one skin problem at a time. She has been blogging at Skincare Villa since 2016 and is a Certified Formulator for making dry powder based masks and cleansers.