Skincare, Haircare, Bodycare Empties #33

If you are a regular reader of my blog you would already know, I post my empties once in 2-3 months. I usually stick to finishing the products once I open. Earlier that wasn’t the case. I used to use different moisturizers everyday and I would not end up with any empties and products would easily near an expiry date. Now I have got into a habit of sticking to one face wash, one moisturizer, one sunscreen so that I empty them and clear out my stash. However this isn’t the case yet with my hair care. I am still using 2-3 shampoos currently depending on my hair’s needs.

BeBodywise Peptide and Cermaide Moisturizer
I picked this up alongwith the sunscreen and emptied this very quickly. If you have oily, combination skin and are looking for cermaide based moisturizer to use on a regular basis then definitely go for this one. It hydrates, moisturizes and doesn’t feel heavy at all due to gel cream texture. Some may find the price a little hyped but it’s totally worth the price.

Fiama Shower Gel
I just enjoyed using this shower gel throughout the winter season and it lasted me very well. The fragrance is very pleasant but doesn’t linger much. It cleanses the skin thoroughly well without drying it at all. I am mentioning it since I have used it with hot water in winters and it still didn’t dry out my skin.

Foxtale Dewy Sunscreen
I somehow finished this sunscreen on my hands as I couldn’t bear the fragrance of it. Also it’s the dewy variant which is more suitable for dry skin types rather than oily skin types. I don’t think I will ever purchase Foxtale sunscreens.

Dot and Key Watermelon Sunscreen
My favourite sunscreen for at home use. I enjoy using it during monsoons and winters. It is an oil free, hydrating sunscreen and isn’t sweat proof, so you may want to skip this one now in summers. I like the formula and affordable price. I am currently using another tube to finish it off.

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel
I am using Rustic Art Aloe gel since 5 years and I love using it as a mask before using a shampoo. It’s a multi purpose aloe gel and can soothe sun burns too. I absolutely love it and already have a backup.

Raw Beauty Bounce Shampoo
I use to believe that only sulphate base shampoos can be clarifying. However, this shampoo has changed my perspective on it. I regularly use L’oreal Hair Serum which is silicone based which might cause a build up in the long run. To tackle this I regularly use Raw Beauty Bounce Shampoo. It not only effectively reduces dandruff and makes the hair soft but also makes them bounce. One cannot use it week after week since hair does become dry as expected with any clarifying shampoo.

Dot and Key Vitamin C Face Wash
I received this face wash free with my purchase of two Dot and Key Watermelon Sunscreens and I absolutely don’t like it. The face wash neither lathers nicely nor does it cleanses well. I used it as a body wash it was disappointing that way too.

Raw Beauty Foot Cream
I received the foot cream before it was launched and it’s a non greasy, non oily cream that moisturizes the heels well and heals cracked heels. I find the price a little hefty somehow hence I never purchased it even after liking the product.

So these are my skincare and haircare empties that took me a long time to use up. This was a long due to empties post that was supposed to be posted in March itself but better late than never!

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