Skincare Empties #30

Today’s skincare empties post is very special as all empties are my favourite products. I like all the products mentioned in this post and I can go on and repurchase them. Let’s get started with the empties post now.

Skincare empties

Deconstruct Cleansing balm

This is my second purchase of the cleansing balm from Deconstruct. Balm melts and doesn’t require any tugging and pulling. It not only removes sunscreen efficiently but also works good on removing eyeliner without any problem.

Foxtale Daily Duet Cleanser

Foxtale cleanser can be used as a standalone product for removing sunscreen that is not too silicone based. I use very little quantity with soft water and it removes sunscreen effectively without drying. Sometimes if you use more than required quantity it does dry out the skin, so be careful with the quantity. The product will last you for a very long time.

Pure Bubbles Clarity Lotion

Pure Bubbles Clarity lotion is a light weight lotion based moisturizer that is amazing for hydrating and moisturizing effects. I have repurchased this again and again and will keep on repurchasing for my oily skin.

Dot and Key Watermelon Sunscreen

The best ever sunscreen I have used in recent times. I like how light weight it is and perfect for daily use. Although it’s not sweat proof or water proof but it definitely helps reduce the acne marks and pigmentation. This is definitely one of the best Oil Free Sunscreen for Oily Skin in India

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid serum

My first ever Ordinary product and I totally loved it as it’s very effective on cystic acne. Sometimes I didn’t like how it foams up while trying to use it. However I still feel it’s one of the Best Salicylic Acid Serums in India

Derma Co AHA BHA Peel

I thoroughly enjoyed using this peel ever since I started chemical exfoliation. It is a little gentle one as compared to the 30% strength. I think I might buy this one again.

Raw Beauty Wellness Scalp Exfoliating Serum

I have emptied a lot of bottles of scalp serum and it helps me keep dandruff at bay. I will keep on buying this product again and again

Oriflame Perfumed Body mist

This was a gift by Utkarshini and I absolutely loved using it. Emptied recently and will get it soon after using my other body mist.

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