Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack Review

I have a soft corner for clay based face packs and having an oily, acne prone skin makes it a necessity for me to use clay based face packs. Today we will be checking the Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack Review which I received in the month of September. Am already loving the effects of the face packs and am Diwali ready with this one!

Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack Review

Brand Claims

Ayurvedic Turmeric Face Pack by Bella Vita Organic is power-packed with the goodness of turmeric, sandalwood, rose and bentonite that gives your face a fresh, bright look. It helps in bringing out the goodness of our ancient Indian herbs. This face pack is your one-stop solution to a clearer and flawless skin among other skin concerns.

Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack Ingredients

Rakt Chandan, Safed Chandan, Van Haldi, Rose petals, Kapur Kachri, Tulsipatra, Ushir, Ayurvedic herbs and Bentonite

Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack Review

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance

Packaging of the Glow Pack is simple with a PET jar and golden, metal screw top lid. The jar is easy to use and can be reused too once you empty it. The texture of the face pack is very soft clay sort and consistency is dry. The face pack doesn’t have any gritty or scrub particles although the clay sort thing can be felt by hand. Once you mix with the liquid of your choice it is very easy to apply. The fragrance of the face pack is an amazing mix of sandalwood and rose and it definitely feels like a spa experience once we apply.

Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack my experience

The face pack is mainly clay based even though Bentonite clay is mentioned as the last ingredient in the list. I usually apply any clay based mask only for 5 minutes as clays can be a little dehydrating for oily skin. I mix the Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack with rose water or curd or milk usually as I have oily skin. The amount of face pack required for each use is very little and this can easily last you some 3 months even if you use the face pack twice a week. The face pack dries up quickly and starts to give that itchy kind of feeling. I keep it on for only 5 minutes no matter what liquid I use to mix it with.

The face pack is easy to wash off and gives a surreal glow post wash off. I have used many face packs in the past but the glow which Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack gives is unbeatable. The glow lasts pretty long for an hour or so. The face feels thoroughly cleansed and glowing with a nice soft feeling. Now coming to the fragrance of the Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack, it is a mix of sandalwood and rose petals sort and feels amazing once we apply. It definitely relaxes the mind and feels good to apply.

You can easily use the face pack before any function or occasion to get glowing skin. The face pack can also be mixed with a powder cleanser to give a detox to the skin while giving a glow. The face pack especially shows good effects when mixed with curd. Although I don’t suffer from tan or pigmentation issues as such, after seeing the glow giving effects of the face pack am sure it will work on tan when used with curd regularly. As for pigmentation the face pack needs a regular usage of a few months to actually see the efficiency.

Price, Shelf life and Availability

699 INR for 60 gms with a shelf life of 18 months. Available on shopping portals. Grab at a discount on

Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack Review

Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack Review

Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack is a good face pack to bring a facial like glow to the skin while detoxifying it. The face pack is clay based and has a wonderful, soothing and therapeutic fragrance. Please make sure you don’t leave it on for more than 5 minutes on your face. The face packs shows good effects especially when mixed with chilled curd and gives a lasting glow. The face pack can also be mixed with your powder cleanser to get that glow when you are running short of time. I am sure this will show effects on reducing the tan as well. The price point might feel a little high and you can grab it at a discount on Amazon. Overall speaking am totally in love with the Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack!



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