Pond’s White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam Review

Last updated on 7 December, 2020

Today am going to pen down my Pond’s White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam Review. I picked it for the sole purpose of posting a review. I am not a big fan of Pond’s products. Let’s check the Review directly.

Pond's White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam Review

Brand Claims check below picture

Ingredients of Pond’s White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam
Water, Glycerin, Myristic Acid, Stearic Acid, Kaolin, Potassium Hydroxide, Palmitic Acid, Bentonite, Lauric Acid, Glycol Stearate, Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Benzoate, Hydroxystearic Acid, Moroccan Lava Clay, Niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Benzyl Acetate, Ci 77499, Ci 77491
Pond's White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam Review

How do you use Ponds Mineral Clay face cleanser?
Apply clay foam directly onto dry skin. Gently massage in circular motion. Dampen face with water and massage to create creamy lather. Rinse off.

Packaging, texture and fragrance
The packaging is normal Pond’s tube, a white and pink one with a flip cap. The fragance of the product is also that of typical Pond’s products. The fragance is refreshing and lingering. The texture of the face wash is thick and clay like. The color is pink and has small beads black or dark blue coloured in it. The beads don’t dissolve.

Price, Shelf life, Availability – 110 INR for 40 gms and 210 for 90 gms with a shelf life of 3 years. Easily available in stores as well as online. Buy on discount on Amazon.in

Pond’s White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam Review

The facial foam is supposed to be applied over the face and massaged. Then dampen it with water to foam it. Now when I dampen the face the facial cleanser doesn’t foam much. When I applied the facial foam cleanser without massaging it foams a bit but leaves the skin dry. Although being said that due to less foaming nature and massaging the product requires very less efforts for a rinse off.

For massaging the face a good amount of product is required. The facial foam cleanser brightens up the skin and gives a soft and supple skin when massaged as per the usage instructions. The product has small beads in it which are meant to act like a scrub, however my skin finds them a bit harsh. Especially when the facial foam cleanser is supposed to be massaged and then washed off, the beads become a problem rather than acting like a scrub. The product has Niacinamide as an ingredient which is a brightening agent.

The product required for each use is more than the one required for the foaming face wash. The product does give an instant brightness which is short lived as the blink of an eye. Also the Pond’s White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam can’t be used as a second cleanse in double cleansing. The Pond’s White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam itself gives soft skin, the oil or emollient texture of the facial foam is absorbed into the skin and gives soft skin. So this doesn’t remove the residue of an oily cleanser or cleansing balm. The product also has very high price for the job it does.


Pond’s White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam can be used by all skin types except sensitive skin as fragrance is quite high in the product. The product gives bright skin while removing the dirt and sweat. However the beads in the facial foam cleanser are a bit harsh so keep a light hand while massaging. Also the product can’t be used to remove sunscreen or as a second cleanse in double cleansing. If you like using Pond’s as a brand then you can pick it up else I wouldn’t recommendation this product as a facial cleanser.

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