Earth Raga Products Review

I always feel excited to explore new skincare brands since each brand is built keeping a skincare need in mind. I recently got a chance to try Earth Raga products which I have been using since past couple of weeks. Let’s first see what Earth Raga as a brand has its vision.

EARTHRAGA – is inspired by Indian Ragas and looks to capture the essence in its skincare products. The skincare products are made with plant-derived ingredients that are effective and safe. The ingredients are ethically sourced, carefully formulated and clinically tested. Like every Raga evokes an emotion, their products aim to evoke the sentiments of self-love, happiness and confidence in customers.

Earth Raga Refreshing Peppermint Body wash

This body wash is perfectly apt for the upcoming summers due to its refreshing fragrance. The body wash lathers nicely and is good to be used on a daily basis. It cleanses gently and gets washed off easily without leaving a residue. The fragrance lingers on for sometimes but isn’t too strong. Using it everyday makes one feels rejuvenated due to the fragrance. The pump up cap has a stopper that prevents accidental pumping of body wash when not in use.

Earth Raga Aloe Vera Face Wash

Aloe Neem is a classic combination for the skin and what one can ask more when it is available in a face wash form. The face wash doesn’t lather much in hard water but can be used as a gentle cleanser in the morning. I also sometimes like using it as a second cleanser in double cleansing and it works perfectly fine. The face wash has green globules in it that melt upon foaming the cleanser. The flip cap of face wash is a little lose as it opens up quickly without any efforts.

Earth Raga Salicylic Acid Face Mask

The face mask is made with kaolin clay, salicylic acid and coffee extracts. The clay mask is smooth in texture and white in colour. It smells of coffee and can be easily applied in an uniform layer on the skin. It is a gentle clay mask that doesn’t dry out the skin and leaves it feeling clean and soft. I also tried using it for Fiddy Snail’s Deep Pore Cleansing Method but since it isn’t a drying clay mask, I didn’t find any noticeable difference in the appearance of pores. This can be a good product for dry skin, since dry skin tends to become drier due to clays.

Earth Raga Vanilla Lip Balm and Honey Lip Balm

Both the lip balms have similar ingredients such as Shea Butter, 100% natural beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E. Apart from these ingredients vanilla lip balm has pumpkin extract and vanilla essential oil whereas honey lip balm has honey extract. The lip balms are moderately moisturizing and regular use helps maintain soft lips and heals the chapped lips. Some may find the need to apply the lip balms at regular intervals since they aren’t too thick in nature. However I like the moisturising and twist up packaging of these lip balms. They are super handy during travels. Both the lips balms have subtle fragrance that is soothing as well as relaxing.

Do check them out if you are looking for plant based ingredients in your skincare products.

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