Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil Review

Last updated on 20 December, 2023

Recently I shifted my house and have been getting a lot of sunlight indoors directly from the balcony and windows. I am also onto using all the sunscreens I have so I badly needed an oil cleanser to remove the sunscreen. I bought Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil during black friday sale and absolutely love it.

Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil

Brand Claims

Dissolves Impurities & Daily Skin Cleanser This cleansing oil nourishes skin with its Vitamin E ingredient. It also dissolves surface impurities & makeup without leaving your skin greasy.


Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, Squalane, C 12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Hemp Oil, Tocopherol

Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil Review

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance

The cleansing oil is packed in a glass bottle with a plastic nozzle. The pump packaging works good and dispenser works well. The texture of cleansing oil is very light weight and literally feels like water. It is very runny in consistency and has clear, transparent appearance. The product doesn’t have any fragrance as such. When I started using initially when I bought it, it didn’t smell anything. But now as months have passed by since my purchase, it does smell a bit like plastic. I don’t know how and why, but the smell does fade off quickly.

Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil Review

My experience with Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil

I mostly follow double cleansing whenever I use a sunscreen or when I apply BB cream and an eyeliner. Being light weight in texture, Suganda cleansing oil spreads easily across the skin. When you dispense the oil on palms take care since it drips easily from the palms due to runny consistency. The oil is easy to work upon and glides beautifully on the skin even with a light hand.

I usually take 3-4 pumps per use for face and neck. If I massage little oil on the face, it just gets absorbed into the skin instantly. I have also read many reviews of this product on Suganda website, wherein people have shared the same experience with this product. So whenever you use this product, make sure to use little extra quantity since the oil readily absorbs into the skin.

The oil emulsifies well with water be it lukewarm or normal water. It turns milky immediately on contact with water and rinses well. Upon washing off the oil, I can’t feel any oily residue behind and doesn’t give me any acne. Initially I used to follow up with foaming cleanser only to face dehydrated skin and a couple of zits due to dehydration. Recently I stopped using a second cleanse and it works well for me.

People who use high to medium coverage makeup might find the need to follow up with a second cleanse. I use the cleansing oil to mainly remove sunscreen and it does this job very well. Once emulsified, if it enters the eyes it makes the eyes uncomfortable but doesn’t sting at all. People who use eye make-up might find how easy it to work upon the eye area with a light weight oil.

I can’t find any cons associated with Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil apart from the fact that one needs to use a little extra quantity each time. I love how effectively this works on whiteheads to reduce their size and appearance almost in a single use.

Price Shelf life and Availability

550 INR for 50ml with a shelf life of 2 years and available on Amazon, Nykaa.

Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil Review

Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil Review

Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil is hands down one of the best cleansing oil in India. I am currently using a bunch of oil cleansers and this one has won my heart. Light weight consistency, easily emulsifying, no need of second cleanse, affordable price even with more quantity, easy availability is something which people look out for in a cleansing oil. Suganda cleansing oil ticks all of these boxes. If you have oily, acne prone skin give this cleansing oil a try.


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