10 Magnificent Maharashtrian Bridal Looks

Last updated on 26 January, 2024

Maharashtrian weddings or lagna (in Marathi) are as lavish as you can imagine. If you have attended a Maharashtrian wedding you can relate to us well. If not, let us walk you through some Maharashtrian look to give you a glimpse.

The attire is mostly a traditional saree such as Nauvari (nine yards), Paithani, Shalu. Some brides do opt for other heavily embroidered sarees such as gorgette but their overall bridal look is same.

You will find the Navari (means bride in Marathi) sporting mehendi on her hands which are beautifully adorned by green bangles. Maharashtrian brides wear a green chuda for their weddings that are odd numbered green glass bangles. They are usually mixed with real gold bangles like tode, patlya.

While we refer to odd numbered green bangles they can be anything in number of 6, 9, 12 on each hand. For my wedding I had adorned 23 bangles on one hand and 24 on another (the addition of both bangles should be odd, usually for the bride).

The jewellery a Marathi bride wears is traditional. It can include kolhapuri saaj, vaki, nath (a maharashtrian nose pin), thushi (traditional choker necklace), mohan maal ( string style necklace), painjaan (silver anklets). Once married the bride wears a vaatya mangalsutra and jodavi. Also the wedding is incomplete without mundavlya, chandrakor.

Awesome Maharashtrian look

The pink Nauvari saree perfectly syncs with the green colour. Not to forget the nath which adds a traditional touch to Maharashtrian look.

Maharashtrian Bridal Looks
Image via Instagram

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A traditional Paithani saree with a modern and designer touch. The jewellery, a mix of traditional and modernized pieces complete this Maharashtrian Bridal Look.

Maharashtrian Bridal Looks
Image via Raviraj Kharade

A Paithani saree with an emerald green colour and red border gives regal vibes with this Maharashtrian Bridal Look.

Dark Royal blue colour Paithani saree woren in a Nauvari style is giving us Peshwai Maharashtrian Bridal Look goals.

This green coloured designer patihani is making us go green (not with envy!!!!) in this Maharashtrian Bridal Look.

The mango colour saree with the traditional border pattern makes this Marathi bridal look go us aww!

Image via Rutuja Kharade

We love the full Maharashtrian Bridal Look of this Marathi bride right from the chandrakor to the jewellery.

This Traditional Shalu in red colour looks amazing along with the stunning jewellery and awesome hairstyle. We did not forget to notice the Nath.

Image via Amruta Mahale

Little did we think that Royal blue would look amazing with pooping orange colour border.

Image via Wedding Kraft

Abhidnya Bhave looks resplendent in a lilac nauvari saree at her wedding. She is surely carrying the look with utter grace.

Image via Sonal Jagtap

We hope you like this list of Maharashtrian Look!!!


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