VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm Review

I am always on the lookout of a good tinted lip balm because I am not at all comfortable wearing a lipstick. I rarely wear a lipstick, last being 4 and half years ago during my marriage. Anyways, a tinted lip balm goes a long way in moisturization as well as hiding the pigmented lips while leaving a little stain behind. Today’s review is about VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm.

vlcc lip balm cherry review

Brand claims and Ingredients

VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm Review
The packaging is a twist up mechanism lip balm with a transparent top cover. The cap fits in and you can easily carry around this lip balm. The twist up mechanism also works perfectly, which is a major concern of all girls. Expiry date is printed on lip balm, so we don’t need to preserve the packaging as we need to do with Maybelline ones 😛. The lip balm also bears all the information except brand claims (not like Maybelline😛). For those who feel key ingredients don’t have sunscreen mentioned it’s benzophenone-3

The lip balm glides amazingly on the lips while leaving a faint cherry colour on the lips. The lip balm is not at all waxy rather being more on the buttery side. You need just one swipe for soft, smooth lips. If you are looking for some intense colour then you might be a bit disappointed. However the brand doesn’t claim to give an intense colour so that’s not a problem.

The fragrance of the lip balm is almost negligible. If you sniff the lip balm directly it will be a bit cherry sort of fragrance. After application the fragrance fades away and I like things which don’t have much fragrance. The lip balm moisturises for around 4-5 hours and makes the lips soft and smooth. The lips appear hydrated and reapplication is needed after 5 hours. The colour however lasts less than even 1 hour. But since the brand doesn’t claim any wear time, it shouldn’t be a concern.

The In

  • Contains Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Vitamin E
  • Nice cherry coloured lip balm
  • Has SPF 15
  • Gives a glossy shine to the lips
  • Moisturises for 4-5 hours after which reapplication is needed
  • Makes lips soft and smooth from first use itself
  • Affordable price and travel friendly
  • No need to check package for expiry date and ingredients

The Out

  • Only key ingredients mentioned

Price, Shelf life and Availability
125 INR for 4.5 gms with a use before date of 8/2019. Easily available online as well as in stores. Buy here

VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm Review

If you are looking for an affordable lip balm with tint then VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm is for you. I like the fact that expiry date is printed on lip balm as preserving the package for expiry date is not my thing. Also the lip balm does it jjo perfectly while leaving a tint behind. However full ingredients must be specified.


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