Skincare and Haircare Empties #5

Another empties post and am already loving the look of my drawer 😁. I like to do an empties post because when I decide to do the post I automatically empty more products. Without wasting more time let’s head straight to the post. Many products from the list are my favourite barring a few, so this can also be called as a favorite cum empty list.. 😀.

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night cream
My first night cream and already loving the effects on my face. I can’t thank enough Nivedita for recommending me this. It is a perfect night cream which hydrates and moisturises my oily skin while lightening my acne marks as well as pigmentation. Moreover, the price is quite pocket friendly and this tub lasted me exactly 3 months. As always it’s on discount on Apni Dukaan, Amazon 😛😛😛. Highly recommended night cream for oily acne prone skinned beauties.

Kama Ayurveda Rose water
The name says it all. A perfect example of what a Pure rose water can do to your skin. It’s a must try for skincare addicts although many find it pricey, but once in your kitty you won’t regret even one penny 😊. Highly recommended Pure Rosé water from Kama Ayurveda. Currently I haven’t repurchased as I am testing one rose hydrosol which is as effective as a rose water. Stay tuned for it’s review.

Bajaj Normarks facewash
Again my HG facewash. Sometimes i think some Indian brands are underrated in this so called branded skincare world. Bajaj Normarks facewash has shown a visible difference to my skin when it was at it’s worst. It gives a temporary even toned skin and actually clears up acne with regular use. I have a already reviewed the old packaging product and here in pics this is the new packaging. Going to stock on it for my skin.

Burst of Happyness What A Girl Wants Cleanser
Again a HG facemask, actually it’s a cleanser but I use it as a facemask. I had received it as a PR sample and this big tub lasted me 1 year, can you believe it… I myself think it’s unbelievable, but it’s true. Loaded with goodness of tea tree and Lavender essential oils it calms and fades acne like a magic wand. I will be stocking up on it as soon as I finish up some of my face masks.

Mantra Herbals Palma, Christi Olive Hair cleanser
Mantra Herbals Palma, Christi Olive Hair cleanser is an amazing hair cleanser if you don’t get the time to oil your hair as it down dry out the hair at all. However when you oil it doesn’t remove the oil but cleanses the scalp without drying it. Overall a good cleanser to try out but I find it pricey and won’t be repurchasing.

Natural Bath and Body Vitamin E Whipped cream
Initially I was very impressed with this cream but as the winter season pitched in my skin started turning dry. However I was determined to make this one to the empties list so have used this on and off this winter season. I wouldn’t be repurchasing however as I have some other creams on my stash.

Kallos Deep Pore Cleansing Milk
I like using Cleansing milks and this one didn’t disappoint me apart from the paraben tag. Kallos Deep Pore cleansing Milk would be a good one to try for a change. Decently priced but not readily available offline.

Iraya Keshvardhak Taila
I was looking for a good hair oil and Iraya seemed to fit the bill in terms of price, availability and purity. I have been using this hair oil from November and it has reduced my hair fall to a certain extent like you can say reduced 50% of hair fall. It is cold pressed coconut oil infused with herbs and am already on my second bottle. Will be posting a full review soon so stay tuned for that.

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing body lotion
I loved how intense moisturization this body lotion gave my dry, flaky skin this winter season. A must try for Himalaya Herbals fanatics as well as the fragrance is very great.

From the above list the products which totally worked for me would be the night cream, Rose water, Clay cleanser and Facewash. I will be repurchasing these whenever I get a chance but as of now no new shopping and all as I already have many products to review and try out.

Have you tried any products from above list? Share with me your favourites…

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