Have you given these Natural Deodorants in India a try?

With the beauty and skincare community leaning towards natural, organic ingredients and products, deodorants haven’t been left behind too. Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminium which clog the sweat glands. There is little scientific study which concludes whether aluminium in Deodorants and antiperspirants causes any serious illness or not. To be honest, people are safer […]

Why is Natural Skin Care better?

Guest postConcern and love for skin isn’t uncommon among people as our skin is the organ that is most visible to our eyes. Everybody loves to have a smooth shining and soft skin, right? Hence, skin care products are on a great rise. We tend to spend a big amount of our income on skin […]

Top 5 Office Tote Bags From StyleWe

Girls love carrying bags, whether it’s their vanity bag or office bag, thye live stuffing essentials every now and then. Tote bags have been around for some time to keep the look classy yet carry all your essentials without the bulgy look of the bag. Office bag is a very important thing when it comes […]