Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose Review

Last updated on 30 May, 2021

I spotted Ponds Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose in a hyper market and thought of picking it up for using as a gentle eye makeup remover. Let’s head to the Pond’s vitamin micellar water brightening rose review.

If you are a fan of eye makeup you might as well relate to the hassle of removing it as well. I recently got into using an eyeliner on a regular basis ( weekly once or twice) and using an oil based cleansing balms (emulsifying or non emulsifying) is so tough on the eye area.

And again applying a foaming cleanser to remove that oil just for an eyeliner gets me really lazy.

Ponds Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose Review

Brand Claims

Ponds Vitamin micellar water is a refreshing cocktail of micellar water, 5 essential vitamins (vitamin A, B3, B5, C, E) & organic french roses to deep cleanse away makeup, dirt, impurities, sunscreen. The world’s first ever Micellar Water range supercharged with the power of vitamins! Vitamin Micellar Water removes the makeup but also gives back the glow to your bare skin so you can (bare) face the world with confidence. It has cleansing micelles that capture & gently lift dirt, impurities & even waterproof makeup, and 5 essential Vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E that nourish & rejuvenate to leave you with glowing bare skin.

Ingredients of Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water

Packaging, Fragrance and Colour

The packaging is a see through tube with a pink flip top cap. It is a compact and travel friendly packaging. The colour of the micellar water is like water that is colourless and consistency is of water.

The fragrance of the Ponds Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose is of rose. When we sniff the micellar water from the bottle it feels very strong and non artificial.

Once we dispense the micellar water onto a cotton wipe the fragrance doesn’t feel strong and is quite mild. I like the fragrance is all I can say, it’s soothing and heart warming for removing make-up which is such a task at the end of the day.

My experience with Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water

I apply Lakme eyeliner and an eyebrow filler sometimes. I do use L’Oreal concealer and foundation on rare occasions. The concealer isn’t of much use for my under eye dark circles and I end up using it on my slightly pigmented areas near my lips and chin.
So after applying the Lakme Gel eyeliner and an eyebrow filler for a good 6 hours I tested the Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose. The micellar water removed the eyebrow filler in one go and for eyeliner it took some 2-3 swipes to remove it. I first pressed the cotton pad onto my eyes for the micellar water to make the eyelid a bit damp. With this method of pressing the cotton on my eyelid some micellar water entered my eyelids and it irritated a bit.
Also to reduce my usage of cotton pads I use my crochet pads with the micellar water and they end up soaking a lot of product. So I sometimes use an old hosiery cloth to wipe off my eyeliner.
Now to test out the concealer and foundation both from L’Oreal, I tried them at home and they both were wiped off my face with around 2 swipes. I also use Ponds Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose to wipe off my Innisfree UV Protection SPF 35 PA++ Mild Sunscreen. I haven’t experienced any irritation or drying out of the skin.
Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose is very good for option for removing just my eyeliner as am lazy with cleansing balms on my eyelids. Also I like using cleansing balms for full face makeup (which I hardly do) and for deep skin cleansing (thrice a week) to keep whiteheads and blackheads at bay. So Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose is a really good option if you are looking to invest in a good micellar water.
Price, shelf life and Availability – 125 INR for 105 ml with a shelf life of 3 years. Available on Amazon and Nykaa. Also available in stores.

Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose Review

Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose is a good option to use for removing make-up and sunscreen if you are using micellar waters on regular basis. It actually brightens the skin with each use due to the presence of vitamin B5. I use it only to remove my eyeliner as most of the cleansing balms I own irritate the eyes. Pond’s is not a cruelty free brand so if you are someone who is into vegan and cruelty free brand you might want to skip this. Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose is a good, affordable and easily available micellar water out there.

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