Ikkai by Lotus Herbals Berry Blush Face Souffle Review

Few weeks back I won the Ikkai Beauty Giveaway held on Instagram. Ikkai Beauty is a Lotus Herbals range. Here’s what they say, “Lotus brings to you an adorably delicious, single use range of happy beauty products called Ikkai.

It’s an all organic and fresh, whenever you want it, where ever you want it.” They have other variants in face souffle range which is nothing but a face pack and also a scrub range. Let’s see how the Berry Blush Face Souffle fair on it’s claim and whether it is worth buying or not. They claim to be organic, but am clueless and haven’t dug up the ingredients list, and haven’t reviewed in that manner.

ikkai by lotus herbals review

Brand Claims – The one-and-done Ikkai Berry Blush Face Souffle face mask will charge you up with nutrients & deliver instant whitening in the shortest time. Set aside 10 mins of a week to this adorable mask which is all safe, made of organic ingredients and will leave you brighter, glowing & blushed like never before.


Ikkai by Lotus Herbals Berry Blush Face Souffle

My experience
The product is supposed to be one and done use, means a one time use and throw product. Such products are good for on the go travel companions. The packaging is cute and girly, each product is packed in a colour theme based on the ingredients. The product is supposed to be cut and use and there is no mechanism for storage and we better use it in one go.

The product is baby pink in colour and has a bit creamy consistency. The consistency is not runny and is rather thick and non uniform. The face souffle gets applied nicely on the face but not in a consistent thickness. The product has enough quantity (10g) which will last for two usages. However as instructed I applied a thick layer so that I could also pen down this review. The fragrance of the face souffle is that of strawberry and raspberry. The fragrance does feel authentic and we are tempted to sniff it often. After applying the product, the fragrance is soothing and lingers a lot.

Ikkai by Lotus Herbals Review

After applying the face souffle all over the face I felt a slight tingling sensation which immediately faded once I finished applying the product all over the face. After keeping the product for 10 mins I washed it off. Washing off is a bit messy due to the creamy texture, it does get off your face easily but not off your hands. After washing off the face feels soft, hydrated and bright (a bit of whitening effect, to be frank) once we spary some floral water or apply a toner it becomes ok. I was amazed at the clarity the face souffle gives and how it makes the face clean and soft. Keeping in mind the one time use and the effects I feel the product is a bit pricey. No doubt it is good option for travelling and on the go beauty treatment. I cannot say anything about the long term effects but the temporary effects of the face souffle are good.

The In

  • Good on the go travel companion
  • Gives instant brightening
  • Leaves skin brighter, glowing & radiant
  • Has extracts of Raspberry and Strawberry
  • Made of naturally sourced ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Has amazing fruity strawberry fragrance which lingers a bit
  • Cute, compact packaging

The Out

  • Single use products, means more landfill waste
  • Excess quantity of product is difficult to store
  • Pricey for single use product
  • Product wash off is messy

Ikkai by Lotus Herbals Review

Ikkai by Lotus Herbals Review

Price, Shelf Life and Availablility – 85 INR for 10 g with a shelf life of 3 years. Available on major shopping portals.

Ikkai by Lotus Herbals Berry Blush Face Souffle is a good treatment as an on the go travel companion, where we can carry the compact, one time use pouch. The quantity offered is good for two usages and it becomes difficult to store the remaining product. Plus the product recommendation is once a week usage, so it becomes difficult to buy several such pouches for regular use.
The after effects of the product are too good but one time use product cost is too much. Only if Ikkai thinks of launching large quantity at a reduced price it will be worth buying. I would recommend it to be used only for on the go travel 💕.

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