Votre Under Eye Cream Review

Last updated on 9 February, 2024

I had received Votre Under Eye Cream in one of the subscription boxes. Votre products are formulated in France and are PETA and BUAV certified.  I have used this cream for 2 months and here are my thoughts on it. Let’s see how does Votre Under Eye Cream fair in it’s claims.

Votre Under Eye Cream Review

Votre Under Eye Cream Review

Brand claims of Votre Under Eye Cream

A pleasant refreshing cream with goodness of botanical active & herbal extract to relax the fatigued & stressed eye muscle and minimize Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. An absolute eye cream that dramatically improves skin texture around eyes.
Votre Under Eye Creme is an overnight eye treatment cream specially formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes featuring the clinically proven, non-stop skin renewal technology that continuously hydrates, brightens dark circles, reduces puffiness, and smooth’s the look of fine lines. Carrot Seed oil, Ambahaldi, Aloe energizes tired-looking eye, Wheat germ brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness, and Vitamin E complex retextures skin to smooth the look of fine lines.

Ingredients of Votre Under Eye Cream

Daucus crota (Carrot Seed oil), Curcuma amada(ambahaldi), Symplocas racemosa(lodhra), Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi), Wheat germ oil (Vitamin E), Soya bean extract, prunus dulcis (almond oil), Green tea, cucumber extract, jojoba oil, Glycyrrhiza Glabra(licorice extract) Base q.s.

My experience with Votre Under Eye Cream

The product as you can see is a small tiny, plastic tub with a black screw top. It is very small and hence can be even carried in your bag while travelling and even for short trips. Overall I like the small and cute tub.
Coming to the cream, the texture is thick and beige coloured. The cream has a rich thick texture yet it gets absorbed into the under eye area easily. The cream is extremely non sticky, yet very moisturising and hydrating as well. The cream also spreads easily on the under eye area without giving any white cast or sticky feeling. I have been applying the eye cream on the upper lids and I never had a problem with the cream stinging my eyes or any other sort of irritations. A little goes a long way for all under eye creams, even after using for 2 months I ahve finished just 1/4 of the total amount of cream.
Coming to the efficiency of the cream, it instantly hydrates and intensely moisturizes the under eye area. With a regular usage of one month I could see the fine line of my under eye smoothen out. It also reduces the puffiness to some extent. I have hooded eyes so I never expect a cream to reduce the puffiness of my under eye area. After using the cream for 2 months it has shown little to almost nil effect on brightening my dark circles. The thing which I like about the Votre Under Eye Cream is the fact that it makes the under eye area smooth and moisturized. The area does appear bright and hydrated upon application.
Votre Under Eye Cream Review

The In of Votre Under Eye Cream

  • Contains some amazing ingredients like Carrot Seed oil, ambahaldi, lodhra, Aloe Vera, green tea, cucumber extracts
  • Intensely moisturises and hydrates the under eye area
  • Reduces dark circles over a long period of more than 3 months
  • Reduces under-eye puffiness
  • Reduces fine lines and make the under eye area smooth
  • Votre Under Eye Cream can be used under makeup
  • Votre Under Eye Cream doesn’t make eye lids oily
  • Votre is 100% vegetarian / vegan, cruelty free Brand
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Formulated without Petrolatum, Synthetic Preservatives & dyes
  • Votre is PETA and BUAV Certified brand
  • Under eye cream doesn’t irritate the under eye area

The Out of Votre Under Eye Cream

  • Very pricey for the job it does
  • Votre Under Eye Cream has base as qs and this means full ingredients are not mentioned
Votre Under Eye Cream Review

Price, Shelf Life and Availablility – 1760 INR for 10 gms. Shelf life of 3 years. Available on major shopping portals.

Votre Under Eye Cream Review

Votre Under Eye Cream is a good cream to moisturize and hydrate the under eye area. It eventually makes the under eye area smooth and reduces fine lines if any. But it does take time to show the effects on fine lines and dark circles. However keeping in mind the price tag I would not say it is a must buy. But if you can grab it in any subscription box or on Votre offers do grab it. It is surely a good eye cream to try out. We hope you find Votre Under Eye Cream Review useful!

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