The Natures Co Orange Butter Gloss Review

We have heard of lip balm, lip butter, lip revive. Today’s review is about a butter gloss which is a lip butter which serves the purpose of a lip gloss. The Nature’s Co is a vegan, Indian brand which has products ranging from skincare to Haircare. Let’s head on to the review to see how their orange Butter Gloss fairs on its claims.

Brand claims – Get delicious, soft and luscious lips with our Tangy Orange Lip Butter . It promotes collagen production and soothes dry, irritated and cracked lips all day long. Apply directly to your lips, as often as required.
Ingredients – Orange Flavour, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Castor oil, Vitamin E.
The Nature’s Co Orange Butter Gloss Review 
The butter gloss is packaged in a small plastic tub. The tub is thick so as to prevent any damage due to dropping or otherwise. The tub has an inner pull up lid to prevent the product spillage, however the product is frozen and won’t spill I think, at least in winters.
Now coming to the fragrance, it has authentic orange flavour and the fragrance is quite strong. I have a picky nose and I don’t like strong fragrances. However this doesn’t linger that much so it’s not a problem. The colour of the butter gloss, as guessed from the name is orange. But after applying on the lips it’s not orange at all .
Now the business, the butter gloss glides like a charm on the lips and instantly makes them smooth and shine. The butter gloss melts a bit when it comes in contact with the normal body temperature. A very little quantity of butter gloss is required for each usage and this will last for me like forever. Whenever I apply a lip product in the morning I never reapply again on that day. And according to that this will last for ages.
Now the durability, the lips stay moisturized for whole day and chapped lips are healed instantly. It makes the lip soft, supple, smooth healthy looking. Now the gloss part, the butter gloss actually imparts a gloss look to the lips and makes them shine. I was totally floored at the sight of my lips 😊. It keeps the lips moisturized for about 8-9 hours, and I didn’t feel the need to reapply. But some lip balm addicts make feel the need. It can also be used over a lipstick impart a gloss effect. I would highly recommend The Nature’s Co Orange Butter Gloss for it efficiency.
The In
  • Contains Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter which are beneficial for lips in the long run
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Imparts a gloss to the lips with just one application 
  • Glides like a charm on the lips
  • Makes the lips smooth, soft and supple 
  • Heals dry, chapped lips with just one usage
  • Keeps the lips moisturized for about 8-9 hours
  • Can be used as a gloss over a lipstick.
  • Vegan, Indian brand (proud feeling 😊)

The Out
  • A little on pricer side
  • Can be packed in a gloss tube for easy application

Price, shelf life and availability – 395 INR for 10ml. Available on as well as major shopping portals.

The Nature’s Co Orange Butter Gloss Review 

I would recommend The Nature’s Co Orange Butter Gloss for its effectiveness. It makes lips smooth, soft and supple. It heals cracked, dry and chapped lips. The product lasts longer as a little quantity is required each and every time. Moreover the brand is vegan and Indian. However some may find it a bit pricey, but the product is totally worth the price. If you are into luxurious lip care products then you cannot miss out on this one.

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