Coffee toppled with grated chocolate

The post is pretty simple. I made this drink one afternoon after I was bored of drinking tea and coffee.
For this drink you will need
– Instant coffee
– Sugar
– A glass of milk
– Chocolate bar
1) Prepare a glass of coffee as you make normal coffee for yourself according to your taste.
2) Keep the coffee for chilling in fridge.
3) After the coffee is sufficiently chilled take it out from fridge and grate the chocolate bar.
4) Now put the grated chocolate over the coffee and mix well and have it.

Your choco coffee delight is ready. Make sure to add a little less coffee than you would make for normal coffee. Because the coffee overpowers the chocolate taste then.

Tell me in comments section how’s this drink and whether you would try it?!

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  1. Hi Sonali,

    Wow! This is such a simple drink. Adding chocolate in the coffee. I can probably do that myself without any help my Mom. Which chocolate do you use – the normal brown one or the dark chocolate?

    ~ Rohan.

  2. Hey Rohan,

    Yes it's pretty simple. I have used Cadbury chocolate and not dark chocolate. I have posted another Simple recipe called chocolate toast, I guess you will like that too.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Hey, Sonali,

    I agree, sometimes coffee and tea can get… boring. 🙂
    This looks really good! Does it turn out sort of like a milkshake? Can you use milk chocolate too?

  4. Hi Alisha,

    I guess adding milk.chocolate would make the drink more milky, instead dark chocolate would be great.
    It's not a milkshake kind and I don't know what to call it, simply made and thought of sharing.

    Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  5. Looks tempting yumm… summer just started here in US perfect post for me at perfect time.. Thank u for sharing.. can't wait to try this.. 🙂

  6. That's a quick and easy to prepare delicious drink.
    Do we need to add sugar in coffee like we do regularly or since we add chocolate, its not needed?

  7. Hi Sonali,
    This recipe is so awesome <3
    You have no idea that I am such a big coffee addict.
    Looking at your recipe I tried it at home & trust me it is so delicious.
    It is very easy to do.
    Hey, kindly suggest any recipe for sugar free coffee also 🙂

  8. Hi sonali…woow…so easy to prepare delicious drink…I love chocolate drinks..soo much better than coffee nd all time favorite…thnku for the sharing..lov u

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