Super quick and easy recipe – Chocolate toast

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Having a chocolate toast at an eatery is my inspiration behind this. You can make this dish in no time. It’s ideal dish if you have a friend meetup at home or if you are in a real hurry or you want to impress your love or simply want to treat your taste buds.

– Bread slices (Brown or white bread )
– Amul butter (you can use home made butter)
– Chocolate bar (you can use Cadbury)

Cooking time – 3 minutes
Preparation time – 5 minutes

1) Take two slices and make them crisp by heating on a medium flame.
2) Apply butter to one side of the bread covering the whole slice. Make sure the butter melts and the bread doesn’t get crisper. If the bread is getting crisper take it off from flame.
3) Now grate chocolate bar, cut the bread slices in triangle shape.
4) Spread the grated chocolate on the buttered side of bread slices.
5) Put the garnished sides onto each other so that chocolate side is inside like normal sandwiches.

That’s it your dish is ready.Tell me in comments section how your dish turned up or if you have any other super quick recipe.

Cut bread in triangular pieces

Garnish with grated chocolate

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  1. Yummy yummy dish with easy-to-prepare steps. Tasty post Sonali 😉

  2. Thank you Gowthama. If you try it, do tell me how it turned up!

  3. Yummy !!! Easy to prepare in no time… will definitely try 🙂

  4. Tasty..
    Thanks for sharing..:-)

  5. cant wait to make it…

  6. this isinnovative

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