Hairfall : The horror story of my life

Hiya folks,
Today I am going to share with you the horror story of my life, my hairfall. My hairfall haunts me till date.
It all began when my parents were searching alliance for my marriage, when this dreaded hair fall started. Initially I ignored it as the falling strands were less. After 2 weeks or so the hair fall increased two fold. After 2 more weeks I was worried to death. Initially only 25 approx. hair strands would fall every time I combed my hair. Now it was 100 strands per combing :(.
To tackle the hairfall with home remedy I started eating one pomegranate every day and I followed this for almost 3 months. To add to the hairfall mayhem my marriage also got fixed around the same time. Now again I was worried as my hair had been very thin and volume less and I wanted to flaunt my thick, curly hair but couldn’t do so. Still I continued with my home remedies :(.
After my marriage my hairfall was a bit ok( bcoz of pomegranate I guess ). My hair growth was good. Again after 5 months of marriage, I underwent a major surgery wherein prior to the surgery my haemoglobin level was as low as 6.5. After the surgery I was prescribed 3 IV iron shots which were to be taken on alternate days. At the time of surgery my hairfall had become serious and I feared I would become bald. I still ignored my hairfall :|.
After that, I got a job in the Bangalore city where I had shifted after marriage. My hairfall started haunting me again. This time I decided to ask my friend who is a doctor. She prescribed me some iron tablets and told me to consult a gynac.
Finally I visited the gynac as hairfall was severe by this time. I told her that I had suffered hairfall twice. She prescribed me two tests TSH and Iron Profile viz.. I feared that my hairfall was due to hormonal changes. But it was the other way round. My iron profile was very very poor. The iron reserves of my body were very less and so the hairfall kept on recurring after a lapse of few months.
My gynac prescribed me iron tablets and the dosage was very high. But the results were fascinating. My hairfall reduced by 50% in flat one week. My gynac advised me to continue with the treatment for next three months so as to build up the iron reserves of my body.
Now I pay attention to my diet and try to include iron rich food in my diet so as to maintain the iron reserves. I will share the iron rich foods which I include in my diet in another blog post soon.
And so this is my hairfall story, which is a horrible one, I know. Share with me your hairfall story and solutions in the comments section below.

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Sonali, is a skincare aficionado who tackles one skin problem at a time. She has been blogging at Skincare Villa since 2016 and is a Certified Formulator for making dry powder based masks and cleansers.

4 Replies to “Hairfall : The horror story of my life”

  1. I need to check my Iron Profile first,.. even I have heavy hair-fall,… Its so nice to know that you are in Bangalore. I hope you are fine now, I wish you healthy life,… Thanks for this post….

  2. Shilpa, your hairfall needs to be checked by a gynac. Hairfall maybe due to different reasons too, mine was poor iron profile.

  3. Sona it really is my story u know I m experiencing since 2013 same a yr before marriage. Bad part I have consulted a lot of skin Dr's.. But never did this iron profile.
    So exactly now I will go this way.. Try. This m doing so Many things eating tabs foligain applying minoxidil

  4. I am experiencing really bad hairfall since past one year along with hair greying. Most people say that due to my father's death I have been under stress and that's why there is hairfall. Maybe consulting a gyneac would do me some help.

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