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I had received Lushdew products a few weeks back and I used them regularly to pen down my review. I received a face wash and kumkumadi oil as a PR. Both the products have a good fragrance and I especially enjoyed using the Kumkumadi oil. Let’s check the review.

Lushdew Kesar Chandan Face Wash

The product is housed in a pump up, plastic bottle. The dispenser has a stop and open mechanism that makes it a very travel friendly face wash. The texture of the cleanser is gel sort and consistency is little thick. It has a slight orange hue to it and has amazing chandan kesar fragrance.

The face wash being thick in consistency takes a little bit of efforts to lather up. However, even in hard water it lathers nicely and works to cleanse the skin well. I have used this face wash twice per day and it leaves the skin squeaky clean. Sometime I feel it leaves the skin dehydrated when used more than twice per day. The face wash has a nice fragrance of sandalwood and it feels good every time I use the face wash. I would say Lushdew face wash is a typical ayurvedic face wash.

Lushdew Kumkumadi Tailam

Before proceeding to the packaging and other details of the oil, I would like to tell about the fragrance. The product kumkumadi oil has a beautiful earthy fragrance. The oil is housed in a dark coloured glass bottle with a dropper packaging. The oil is very lightweight in nature and has a bright reddish-orange hue to it.

Whenever I massage my face, I have used the oil and it helps to glide the fingers onto the skin. I don’t put much pressure on the skin and just glide the fingers. The oil gives a nice glow to the skin. Once I am done with the face massage I wash off the oil with the face wash and then complete my night time routine. I like how the oil is light weight inspite of having a sesame oil as a base. The oil also works well as an under eye treatment. However I haven’t used it many times on my under eye area since my lids are already oily. The oil hasn’t caused any acne or clogged pores for me but I haven’t used it oil daily and I have never left it overnight on my face.

Overall speaking I enjoyed using both the products and I especially liked using the Kumkumadi oil. The aroma of kumkumadi oil is just out of the world. It makes you use the product again and again. The face wash has a nice fragrance and other than that it’s a basic face wash. If you are looking for a good Kumkumadi oil in India, do check out the Lushdew Kumkumadi oil.

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