The Magic Potion Deo Shots Review

I had received Rose & Geranium Deo shot and Jasmine & Neroli Deo shot, as samples with my purchase from The Magic Potion brand.

I am not much of a sweaty person, I sweat only in summers and especially my face. In summers, my full face sweats as if I had been swimming. I was waiting for the summers to set in and use Deo Shots and here is my experience.

The Magic Potion Deo Shots


At The Magic Potion you’ll find 100% natural, cruelty-free and handmade deodorants. From buffing underarm itchiness to smoothening skin to controlling sweat odour, our deos packed in twisty tube, and in tin packaging as deo shots check all the boxes right. We know you absolutely love our au naturel, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly deos. Here’s why you’ll love us a lil’ more – Our deos (which we call “deo shots”) are available in cute & convenient sizes. Effective? Like always. Aromatic? Undoubtedly. Travel-friendly? Of course.

Ingredients of Jasmine and Neroli Deo shot – Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, vitamin E, unrefined beeswax, jasmine essential oil, neroli essential oil

Ingredients of Rose and Geranium Deo shot – Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, vitamin E, unrefined beeswax, rose essential oil, geranium essential oil

Directions for using deo shots

Take a small amount of product using fingers and apply it to underarms, pulse points and gently massage to linger in natural aroma. Always apply on dry and clean skin. Use clean fingers/spatula to scoop the product.

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 230 INR for 18 gms with a shelf life of 8 months. Available at Magic Potion website and use code SKINCAREVILLA to avail 10% off discount.

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance –

The packaging of deo shots is cute, little, metal tubs with a twist up cap. The product quantity is 18 grams. I also like the colour coded stickers they carry although they have changed the stickers now. Aesthetically speaking, I love these tubs too much. The texture of the deo shots is buttery soft which is apt for scooping and applying. The texture is a good mixture of plant butters, carrier oils and essential oils. It is neither too buttery nor too oily, it is just perfect. The fragrance of both deodorants is good but I like Jasmine & Neroli one more than the Rose & Geranium one. Use dry and clean spoon or finger to scoop out.

My experience with the deo shots

I use the deodorants immediately after my bath by drying up the underarms. I scoop out little amount and apply. This is a task, sometime I scoop little, sometimes more than required quantity. So I make sure to scoop out first and then only apply the deodorants.

The deodorants are naturally fragrant owing to the essential oils added to them. Fragrance of essential oils fades away with time and when exposed to air. I particularly like the Jasmine & Neroli Deo shot as it feels like a fresh burst of Jasmine flowers. The fragrance feels strong immediately upon application and fades away gradually.

After applying the deodorant, you will constantly be reminded of it, as the deodorant keeps on emitting the fragrance with each physical activity. On some days I myself thought why am smelling good and was actually confused about it (silly me, totally forgot that I use natural deodorant). The fragrance fades away as the day passes by or with sweating. Now, the deodorant doesn’t stop or reduce the sweating process. It simply makes the sweat smell better, which essentially is the job of a natural deodorant. I will say The Magic Potion Deo shots perfectly do their job of making the sweat smell less stinky.

The deo shots will make you feel good with the constant fragrance and mostly people around you will also notice that you are using some perfume or something. Also if you are going to use these natural deodorants over a long period of time, use a clay based mask on armpits once a week to remove the buttery build up of natural deodorants. Although a simple soap and water would perform this job, sometimes they may not be thoroughly removed.

If you are someone who sweats more than normal or someone who has an on field kind of job, you will feel the need to reapply this deodorant. However, here natural deodorants have their own limitations as butters and oils do not budge easily. I was not able to wipe off with a wet tissue or anything else. I don’t reapply the deodorants as they feel heavy and sticky. No matter how much I sweat, I don’t like the sticky feel.

On one occasion I had shaved my armpits and then immediately applied the deodorant. Thereafter I got a few pus filled bumps on both underarm areas. I skipped using the deodorants until the bumps healed on their own. I would suggest you to not use the deodorants immediately or for a few days after shaving or waxing. You may or may have the same experience like me, but I just thought of sharing.

The Magic Potion Deo Shots Benefits

  • They smell amazing and last for literally 8 hours during the day (I find Rose & Geranium one little strong and love using the Jasmine one)
  • Overnight they totally fade away unless you try sniff them closely
  • Buttery smooth texture makes it easy to scoop out as well as apply
  • Doesn’t stain the clothes
  • Initially the deos smell strong upon application but fade away with time
  • They make the sweat smell little better, yes really!
  • The person sitting next to you will notice the fragrance (my husband asks me which perfume I used)
  • This doesn’t reduce the sweat as such, just makes it smell little better, and that’s how natural deodorants are designed.
  • Go a long way as little quantity is required for each use
  • Also available in three other variants viz. Grapefruit & Vanilla Deo Shot, Orange & Cinnamon Deo Shot, Lemon & Mint Deo Shot
  • Also available in stick form, although deo shot quantity is sufficient enough to last for 3 months when used daily

The Magic Potion Deo Shots Side Effects

  • Nothing as such unless you are allergic to Essential Oils

The Magic Potion Deo Shots Review

I would totally recommend the deo shots if you like using natural deodorants. The brand has them in two size this small size as deo shots and bug size as deodorant sticks. I didn’t find feel any oily sticky feel while using them. They are also available in a variety of flavours to choose from. I would like to definitely try another variant once I finish off mine.

*received as samples with my purchase

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