Deyga Organics Tanner’s Cassia Face Mask Review

Are you a skincare aficionado if you don’t hoard face masks? Haha is it relatable to you? Then I have a very good product to recommend from Deyga Organics. I have been using Deyga Organics Tanner’s Cassia Face Mask for almost 3 weeks and had a very good experience. Let’s go to the review directly.

Deyga Organics Tanner's Cassia Face Mask Review

Ingredients of Deyga Organics Tanner’s Cassia Face Mask
Organic Cassia grinds, Organic Moringa powder, skin cherishing essential oils

My experience with Deyga Organics Tanner’s Cassia Face Mask
I will be not be talking about the product packaging later now as it can be seen in pictures above. Due care is to be taken that no water enters the tub. The main ingredient of the face mask is Tanner’s Cassia which is nothing but Avaram seena. Avaram seena is said to improve the complexion of the skin with regular usage.

The face mask has a little gritty texture due to moringa and doesn’t easily mix up with water. The same goes with the application, smooth and even application is not possible, so I end up using a thick layer on my face each time I use this.

The face mask dries up pretty quickly and get removed easily if we splash some water. The mask also serves the purpose of a mild scrub while removing. The face mask gives a very nice glowing complexion after removing. The glow stays on for a while say one hour or so. I really like how it makes my small zits bring to the surface and heal them (moringa magic ).

The only problem am facing it the even application of the face mask and a little itching on the face while the mask dries up. I make sure I keep on spraying a little bit of floral water while the mask dries up, this reduces the itching. I am overall very happy with the results of this face mask and am going to repurchase it. Also the brand mentions skin cherishing Essential oils as an ingredient so please be aware if you are allergic to any essential oil.

Deyga Organics Tanner's Cassia Face Mask Review

Deyga Organics Tanner's Cassia Face Mask Review

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 370 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 8 months from the date of manufacturing. Available on Deyga Organics website

Recommendation of Deyga Organics Tanner’s Cassia Face Mask
I like the way my complexion looks clear and glowing after using the face mask. The face mask also doubles up as a mild scrub and removes white heads up to a certain extent. The only problem is even application. But I like the effects of the mask so I don’t mind the non even application. Also the brand needs to mention the essential oils added to the product so that if anyone has an allergy of essential oil can have prior information. Overall speaking a good face mask to add to your list.

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