My Current Haircare Routine

I am not much of a haircare person. I just shampoo my hair and that’s it. You can call me lazy but I really don’t have much patience for a hair mask or something. I have also learnt some Haircare lessons the hard way, about which you can read here. A few things I follow diligently and I am going to pen them down for you all.

Now something about my hair type, it is a something between 2A and 2B. I don’t follow curly hair routine because of time constraints and yes of course laziness. Now coming to the scalp I have dandruff prone scalp which can build up if I apply oil to the scalp regularly. I do get hair trims regularly but am trying to increase my hair length so am not getting any trims regularly.

Also my hair length has doubled since my last trim in June 2019 and this has been the greatest achievement according to me, since am struggling with hair length since many years. Also my hair fall is very less these days like only 10-15 strands per day and on hair wash day it is like something 10 hair in shower and 30 while combing.
Let’s get into the hair care routine.

I rarely change my shampoo. At my early 30s I have changed only 5 shampoos in my life. After shifting to Bangalore, post marriage, I had a lot of hairfall and so I was using Bon Organics Aloe Shampoo but after some 2 years that too started giving me massive hairfall and so I switched to Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo Review since 2 years. I also use the Satthwa anti dandruff shampoo variant once in a while, if I get dandruff. I always dilute my shampoo in one quarter of a mug filled with lukewarm water and take only a coin sized shampoo. I thoroughly mix it in water and pour over my scalp and massage very lightly, keep for some time and wash off. I only shampoo my scalp and not hair.
I don’t use conditioner regularly and on rare occasions if I have to use, I use SoulTree conditioner which is a wash off one.
Hair Mask/ Hair Pack
I am not much into hair mask and packs. I do apply heena and recently started using indigo powder to conceal my grey hair. I also use some raw onion juice on the scalp to increase the hair length of my hair and am already noticing a difference. So I will keep you posted about how it goes in another post.

Hair Oil
As stated earlier, I suffer from dandruff if I oil my scalp overnight. It is something related to fungus I think and it also causes acne on my forehead and back. I am currently using a medicated hair oil named SBL’s Arnica Montana Oil which I apply to my hair next day after washing them. The hair oil is light in texture and have zero greasiness.
I have been using a wooden comb since past 3 years. I swear by it. I like how it nicely massages my scalp while am combing my hair. I sometimes end up combing my scalp lightly which stimulates the blood flow.
I regularly eat onions (cooked), pomegranates, tomatoes, curry leaves (in tadka) and carrots. I almost use curry leaves everyday in dals or poha or upma.

Hair drying
I use a microfiber cloth to dry the length of my hair and to absorb the water near roots of hair I use a fine cotton cloth. I usually just place the cotton cloth on the scalp with a little pressure on each part of the scalp. I never rub the hair or my scalp with any cloth.
Some points I diligently follow are
  • I never change my shampoo unless the current one is giving me severe hair fall
  • I always dilute my shampoo in lukewarm water and then apply it to my scalp
  • I wash my hair twice a week with lukewarm water
  • I oil my hair after washing and never oil my hair overnight
  • I always use a scarf whenever I am heading out be in on a vehicle or a car or a walk.
You have to understand what works or what doesn’t work for your hair and act accordingly. I have never experimented much with my hair and am happy about how it looks given the amount of time I invest in them. If you have any questions please feel free to comment them below.

About Sonali

Sonali, is a skincare aficionado who tackles one skin problem at a time. She has been blogging at Skincare Villa since 2016 and is a Certified Formulator for making dry powder based masks and cleansers.