The Nature’s Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review

Last updated on 28 February, 2021

Face massage is a technique which helps in maintaining a youthful skin. I have missed out on facial massage in my late 20s as I was absolutely clueless about skincare and it’s benefits 😣. However as it’s aptly said, better late than never! I have started doing a facial massage once or twice in a fortnight. Let’s see the review of The Nature’s Co Multi-Vitamin Massage cream which am carrying in my travel skincare bag.

The Nature's Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review

Brand Claims and Ingredients

The Nature's Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review

My experience
The massage cream is packed in a travel size tub, the full size product is 270ml which is way too much if you plan to buy. It may last even for 2 years or more. The travel size (35ml) I am using has lasted me 2 months and even half of it is not finished. The massage cream has a faint beige tint to it with awesome, heavenly fragrance of cocoa butter. The fragrance is such a dude, that you will feel like eating the cream 😛.

The Nature's Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review

Now coming to the consistency the cream is thick, buttery sort with a non-stick, non-greasy and non-oily texture. In December that is in winters it was thick and spreading or massaging required efforts. But now as I use it I can notice that the cream gets absorbed easily due to the already hot weather! The cream gets absorbed like a charm as you massage it into the skin and your skin sips in all the goodness of the cream. The cream has not broke me out or made my skin greasy or oily, rather regular usage has made my skin plump and buttery soft. I use the method shown by Ankita from Corallista in one of her vlogs.

As you massage the cream the skin becomes buttery soft while evening out the skin and giving a glow to the skin. After massaging, the directions for usage, suggest to wipe off the cream with moist cotton balls, but I use this as an overnight treatment. I also wipe off sometimes if I feel I have used more than required cream. Regular usage has helped in giving a subtle glow to the skin while reducing the old acne scars. It has also made my skin smoother and even toned. The cream has Vitamin A, C and E in it and is indeed a skin food in every sense. I would highly recommend you all to use it atleast once if you are a skincare junkie.

The Nature's Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review

The In

  • Contains Almond Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Jojoba oil, Cocoa butter, Kokkum Butter
  • Fortified with Vitamin A,C and E
  • Thick, buttery consistency with a non-stick, non-greasy and non-oily texture
  • Gives soft, smooth and supple skin post massage
  • Reduces the acne marks when used regularly
  • Gives youthful skin as it is made with the goodness with Vitamin E and wheatgerm oil
  • Vegan, not tested on animals
  • Can be used in facials and as an overnight treatment

The Out

  • I didn’t find any

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 695 INR for 50ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available online on Nature’s Co website. Often on discounts and in Nature’s Co Facial Kits. Buy here

The Nature’s Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review

If you are looking for a good facial massage cream then The Nature’s Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream would be the best choice. However the full size product of 270 ml is a bit pricey and availability of intermediate size makes it easy to pick up at low price. The cream is available in travel size in various kits offered by Nature’s Co which a good bet for a repurchase (am going to do the same 😉). But the cream is so good that you won’t mind the price tag once you use it. Highly recommended Facial Massage Cream for skincare fanatics.

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