My friendship Yatra with my bestie

Last updated on 2 May, 2023

“No, I can’t make it, it will be very difficult to take a 3-4 day leave.” I said.

Rajani just hanged the call without a word. Rajani my bestie, had been nudging me to take a leave, from the past few weeks. Every time I used to decline, saying I had a project delivery. I simply hated travelling, whereas her, she loved exploring places.
A few weeks passed by and I totally forgot about the holiday gateway which Rajani was planning. One day in the office, I was struggling with a code. No matter what or how I coded it ended up failing. All of a sudden I remembered the trick Rajani had shared with me, without sparing a single second I applied it and Woohoo the functionality was done.
Again, Rajani had come to my rescue. Yes, she was my knight in shining armour. We were family friends before we turned into besties and then eventually soul mates. We shared the same degree college, post graduate college, our first job as well as the same locality in the town. After reminiscing all this, I immediately called her up in the lunch break and expressed my desire for the holiday plan. She was jumping with joy. She promised to arrange everything and asked me to just confirm my leave from my manager. I informed her that I could only afford weekend and no weekday leaves. Still, she agreed :).
Next day she called me up to inform that we will be heading to Goa for the weekend and will be back on Monday early morning. She said, she will check Domestic Airlines for flight tickets, so that we don’t waste time in travelling for a long journey. I smiled at myself ‘smart gal as always’.
The day dawned and we both met at my place and headed to the airport. After a few hours we were in Goa. I was feeling good, way beyond words could express. No holiday break in 3 long years of work indeed had made me mechanical. We had switched jobs 3 years back and life was very hectic and mechanical after that. I remembered our first job, yes, we had college placements and we both bagged the same company. Not only the same company, but same department and same team, yayyyyy!!!. Life was so much fun at that time I thought.
After getting ready, we visited some places, shopped and had lunch. We did everything, like free birds. In the evening we sat by the beach side chatting, teasing each other. She told me about her handsome manager and I shared with her the marriage alliances which I had rejected recently. She shared her new found love of arts and crochet and I told her about my blogging interests. We chatted the whole evening. No matter how much we talked and laughed and had fun we were not getting enough of the moment. At one point I just wished I could freeze the moment. But I was surely seizing it, if not freezing.
On Sunday morning I woke up early, and Rajani lazed around as usual. I remembered our good old days. We used to hang out at each others place, study together for exams, travel together to college, we shared all our secrets. But being family friends, we couldn’t share our dark secrets. For that we always needed an outing, like this one. I smiled at my half asleep bestie, and she asked me ‘what’s for breakfast?’ I teased her for being a lazy person and made tea for her in the hotel suite.
Rajani had made me realise that we need to relax a bit in between our hectic schedule only to recharge ourselves for our future endeavours. She taught me to live and love life, fully. This time also she had come to my rescue. My knight in shining armour, I thought and smiled at her, as we boarded our return flight to Pune.
From that day onwards, I love travelling and exploring places. After all, we do need a break in our fast paced life, to rejuvenate ourself for our future endeavours
So that was my travel Yatra with my bestie. Do you have a similar bestie, share with me in the comments section below.

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