Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask Review

Last updated on 24 May, 2021

I am a lazy person when it comes to hair care. All I do is shampoo my hair, once they are thoroughly dried I simply apply a hair oil and tie them up in a banana clip. I don’t put much oil before hair wash, sometimes I do massage my scalp a bit, that’s all hair care routine I follow.

I thought of using some hair mask and I zeroed in on Raw Beauty after checking the not so common yet amazing ingredients of the hair mask. Let’s dive straight into the review and see how it works.

Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask Review

Brand Claims and Ingredients

Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask Review

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance
The hair mask is housed in a glass jar with all the information regarding the product printed on the product label. The glass jar is sturdy and can be reused. Raw Beauty also provides refills of hair mask, powder cleansers in oxo degradable pouches so you can anytime reuse the glass jar. Coming to the texture of the hair mask it is in dry powder form with some oats particles in it. Except the oats particles I don’t have any problem with the texture of the product. Talking about the fragrance of the hair mask it is bitter sort due to moringa I think. Nonetheless the fragrance is natural and once you apply the mask it fades away and we get used to it.

My experience
My hair type is dry, frizzy ends and oily, dandruff prone scalp. I have always avoided hair masks in powder masks due to dandruff. I apply the mask before washing my hair and keep it for 30-45 minutes and them wash off with a mild shampoo.

Coming to the review

  • First time I tried it by mixing with Raw Beauty Back to Basics Hair Cleanser. The results were a bit disappointing as my hair didn’t feel clean and felt oily.
  • Next time I tried it by mixing with plain water and then using my regular shampoo. Hair felt clean and scalp a little oily. But I was happy with the results.
  • Third time I tried mixing the curd and the results were amazing. Ever since I got to know that the hair mask gives me good results by mixing with curd, I have been using it with curd and nothing else.

Now coming to the effects, it makes hair soft and manageable. I have baby hair which curl up like anything. Whenever I use this mask and then shampoo, my baby hair behave themselves and the hair gets a little straightening effect. I really like this effect.

I have not seen any major hair fall while using this hair mask. The only thing I would mention is, I usually sieve the hair mask before use as the tiny oats granules become difficult to wash off. I apply heena to cover my grey so I can’t use any hair mask as often as it needs to be used to give soft hair. Still this mask gives good results by making the hair soft. A thorough wash off is needed while using any hair mask. Overall I like to pamper my hair with Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask which gives a straightening effect to my baby hair and makes them manageable. I have already shopped for a refill pouch of the hair mask (Raw Beauty owner Su sent it to me free when I ordered the vanilla lip lock balm 😅)

Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask Review
Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask Review

Price, Shelf Life and Availability – 590 INR for 100 gms with a shelf life of 4 months. DM @rawbeauty2018 on Instagram to order. I think as long as water doesn’t enter the jar this hair mask will have a shelf life of 1 year.

Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask Review

Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask gives me good results with soft and manageable hair even though am unable to use it regularly. My hair is very frizzy and my baby hair absolutely behave when I mix this mask with curd and use. Wash off, of the mask is a little messy as oats particle get stuck in between the hair strands, so I usually sieve and use the mask. Overall I like using Raw Beauty Banana and Moringa Hair Mask and have already got another refill pack.

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