Raw Beauty Deodorizing Underarm Salve Review

Last updated on 24 May, 2021

Hey my lovelies!  How’s monsoon treating you all? I love this season but hate the humidity it brings. Well today I’m here with a different product, a different summer essential “Raw Beauty Deodorizing Underarms Salve”. Raw beauty is a Clean brand based in Jalandhar which makes Body Care Products Made With Organic Ingredients and run by Sunayana Walia . This Underarm salve comes in three variants- “naughty” ,”happy” and “Epsom salt and clay”. I chose naughty because it has spicy woody fragrance. so without wasting time let’s jump to the review.

Price- 390 INR for 35 gms.

Shelf life- Best before 9 months from Mfg Date.

Availability- To place your order @rawbeauty2018 DM her on Instagram or whatsapp).

Ingredients- Organic coconut oil, Pure unrefined beeswax, Organic arrowroot powder, Naturally occurring baking soda, Pure essential oils of Clove, Patchouli, Cedar wood.

How to use- Take a tiny pinch and rub on your clean underarms after bath. In winters, take pinch and rub between your fingers to melt and apply.

Packaging- It comes in a tiny transparent glass jar which is tightly secured with a screw cap golden in color. Also it comes with an information card which has everything mentioned in it about the salve.

My experience  with Raw Beauty Deodorizing Underarms Salve
I bought this salve in last November end but didn’t use it regularly because it was winter time. Now I’m using it from last 3 months consistently. It smells of clove and some light woody fragrance. If you have sensitive nose do not worry, the fragrance is very mild. This amazing mild clove fragrance stays for whole day. Well some people might not like this clove fragrance. One can opt of other 2 available variants. Now coming to it’s efficiency, it does what it claims. I’m someone who neither sweat much nor less. For me it controls sweat for the whole day and fragrance also lingers throughout the day though very mild but yes it does stays. Texture is creamy so a little pinch of the product glides smoothly onto skin. It does not feel sticky or uncomfortable at all. The moment you apply it it just sets with the underarm skin. It Feels like a comfortable transparent layer of good fragrance which absorbs sweat like magic ( I like this clove scent a lot). Now talking about the Ingredients, arrowroot powder  helps all the active ingredients to penetrate the upper levels of our skin as it has amazing moisture absorbing qualities. Coconut oil helps reduce inflammation, keeps skin moisturized and also has antimicrobial properties which  protect the skin from harmful bacteria. Essential oils like clove, patchouli oil and cedar wood are present for the fragrance purpose but all of them have their own benefits. Patchouli oil helps soothe inflammation. So next time you go for waxing or shaving you know you have patchouli oil. Cedar wood  oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties whereas clove oil  which is rich in antioxidants and also in antibacterial properties. Last but not the least our very own and well known baking soda is a good exfoliator. Now let’s conclude some pros and cons.

Pros of Raw Beauty Deodorizing Underarms Salve

  • Inhibits bacteria.
  • Absorbs sweat.
  • All natural.
  • Prevents bad body order.
  • Cheap ( a little goes long way).
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Controls sweat for whole day long.
  • Non- sticky.
  • Creamy texture

Cons of Raw Beauty Deodorizing Underarms Salve

  • May be availability

Will I Recommend Raw Beauty Deodorizing Underarms Salve?
YES! do buy this if you love using chemical free products or are sensitive to chemical laden deodorants. Don’t let the quantity and price mislead you. This 25 gms will last you for more than 4 months if used daily. My lovely people skin under your arms is very thin and usually sensitive (regular shaving/waxing) so do not torture it with chemical laden deodorants.

Do you guys use natural deodorants? do let me know in the comment section below.

Written by Shivani Shekhawat

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