Shea Butter Makeup Remover

Last updated on 27 October, 2023


Today am sharing a DIY post after ages. I have tried making cleansing balm at home and I have been successful in my first attempt itself 😂. This version of cleansing balm easily removes makeup and nourishes the skin with the ingredients it has. The cleansing balm I have made is specifically for oily acne prone skin and so I have added the ingredients which accordingly. Also this has shea butter as main ingredient so you can say it’s a sort of shea butter makeup remover

Also the carrier oils I have added is a blend which I use in my Coffee Green Tea Facial oil. Since the blend worked great for me as well as many, I made a balm out of it. So without wasting time let’s head straight to the recipe.

Things you will need
  • Shea butter, unprocessed – 13 gms
  • Grapeseed oil – 9 gms/ml
  • Almond oil – 5 gms/ml
  • Olive oil – 1 gms/ml
  • Cocoa butter – 2 gms
  • Geranium Essential oil – 1 drop
  • Rosemary Essential oil – 1 drop

1) Take a double boiler and melt Shea butter and cocoa butter.
2) Measure all the oils above and add one by one to the melted butters while stirring occasionally.
3) Let the mixture cool down a bit, then add essential oils.
4) Pour the balm into a glass container and close the lid. Make sure the balm has cooled down fully before putting the lid.
5) Keep the balm I fridge for 10-15 minutes to solidify it.

1) You can totally skip cocoa butter and instead add Shea butter of same weight. I added it solely to make the balm a bit thick in container.
2) You can add oil in gms or ml, I add in gms however. So the final product weighs around 30 gms.
3) 30 gms quantity is more than enough and will last longer. So never make a big batch of 100 gms at once and use over a period of time. Instead make small fresh batches.
4) Do not scoop out the balm with fingers. Always use a spoon or spatula.

How to Use

  1. To use the balm I scoop some amount with a wooden spoon, and massage it in an upward circular motions on face and neck. 
  2. I wait for 2-3 minutes and then dip a cotton pad in lukewarm water and wipe away the balm from my skin. I usually do two rounds of wiping.
  3. After using this balm,I use a foaming cleanser as a second cleanse.
  4. After cleansing I splash some water on my face and use my toner or any hydrosol or floral water. Then I apply my favorite facial oil/night gel/moisturizer and hit the bed.
  5. Sometimes I even skip moisturizing my skin, and I never had a problem with it. Although moisturization is recommended everytime.

This DIY balm instantly plumps up the skin and makes it soft and smooth. Also it removes makeup, including eye makeup. It also removes all dirt, grime from skin and makes the skin look healthy.

So this was my experience with the DIY balm which I made and which I also sell. If you want to read the review you can read Shreemayee’s review on Shreemayee’s Diary. So wrapping up for today, and bringing you more reviews and DIY like these 💕. Have a great day ahead ☺️.

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