Ethicare Remedies Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum Review

Please raise your hands if you have dry, frizzy hair? I have very very dry hair. Everytime I see someone with nice, soft, silky hair I feel ‘Kaash mere Baal bhi aise hote!’. You might be thinking why so drama today :D. Today’s review is about Trichoz hair serum from Ethicare Remedies. Let’s see how this helps for dry, frizzy hair.

My experience
The serum is packaged in a small, transparent, flip cap bottle. The nozzle of the cap is of perfect size and dispenses just the right amount of product. This not only let us avoid product wastage but also helps product spillage. The fragrance is quite pleasant and I used around more than coin sized amount as I have very dry hair.

The serum is transparent in colour and very non-oily in nature. It is truly serum in every sense. The serum is made up of Blend of silicon conditioners, Vitamin E, U.V. Filters,amino acid. The serum is neither runny nor thick in consistency and is not at all oily, greasy and sticky. The serum spreads easily along the length of hair, however it takes some time for the hair to gulp down the serum (my hair are very dry).

I used it post wash and after my hair had dried up completely. The serum does a good job in taming the frizz. However don’t expect a magic makeover if you have very dry hair. My hair are thick so mostly I tie them up and after applying the serum my comb could easily go through the length of my hair. Somehow the smoothening effect wasn’t up to the mark or maybe I was expecting a lot. However with regular usage it helps getting the required smoothness but not much unless you already have soft hair.

The In

  • Reduces frizz from first use
  • Extremely non-oily, non-greasy and non sticky
  • Spreads easily along the length of hair
  • Pleasant, non lingering, non bothering fragrance
  • Smoothens the hair with regular usage
  • Travel friendly, small package size
  • Flip cap for non spillage purpose
  • Dispenses right amount of product
  • Amount required is very less unless you have really dry hair
  • Contains Vitamin E and amino acid
The Out

  • Can cause silicon build up over regular usage
  • Only key Ingredients mentioned 

Price, shelf life and availability – 199 INR for 50ml with a shelf life of 3 years. Buy here

Recommendation –
The serum is a good choice when oily hair can be a mess or a no-no. Sometimes we cannot attend a function or important event with oily hair, at such times serums come handy and this serum is perfect for such occasions. Overall a winner for Skincarevilla for occasional use, but I would avoid using it when am home bound 🙂

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