Doodh Paak easy recipe

It is a very easy to make dessert which is quick to prepare and can be made with a thicker consistency. Can also be made for diabetic people with sugar free ingredients. The recipe is made by two ways firstly by cooking the rice separately and then cooking in the milk secondly by cooking the rice in milk itself. The second method takes more time and since I blog always about quick and easy recipes we will see the first method.

  • Overcooked basmati rice
  • Raw milk
  • Sugar
  • Almonds, cashews
1) Cook basmati rice as we prepare for biryani but with a little extra water to make it a lot more tender 
2) Put raw milk in a heavy base pan, add the overcooked rice and sugar according to taste. 
3) Add blanched almonds and cashews and cook till a little milk is leftover 
4) Remove from heat and serve hot
NB –

  • Overcook the rice a little because sometimes it hardens if cooked in milk
  • If a little milk is not left in the pan the rice tends to harden
  • You can add custard powder or milk maid for a thicker consistency or milk. Adjust the sugar according to that.
  • If refrigerated it hardens.

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