Your cry wrenches my heart, Your smile makes my day. Your laughter is my fountain, Your happiness makes me pray. You have taught me simple things, You have taught me mess is fine. You have shown me my softie side, You will always be my sunshine. You will grow day by day, My heart will […]

Letter to my lover

My love, Your smile, your face, your way,are my sunshine and hay. You taught to spread my wings and fly,You taught dreams have no limit of sky. You taught me the meaning of love,You taught me the meaning of beloved. You showed me the way when I was lost,You calmed me down when my temper […]

I want to

I don’t want to spend my evenings worrying about situations turning ugly.I want to visit quiet places without the fear of getting lost.I want to walk on the road without the fear of being stalked.I don’t want someone with me all the time as I am a woman.I want to roam around freely.I want to explore places all […]


Love is the tightest hug when you worryLove is the ‘Had your lunch?’ when lunch box you dont carryLove is the red roses bouquet when you want a pamperLove is the feeling you want to hankerLove is a catalogue of feelingsLove is a stack of kissed sealingsLove is the feeling of losing youLove is the […]