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Last updated on 20 May, 2022

They say “Home is where the heart is!” Am sure many of you would have experienced this feeling of coming back to your beloved place. I remember coming back home after my fractured leg healed (long time ago). It felt as if coming back to my nest, my paradise.

Home is a place where you love unwinding, relaxing and rejuvenating. When it comes to bringing “Home India”, ask a person who is living abroad. They sure might be loving it there, but am sure they miss being in India and might be reminiscing about it.

Recently I had a chance of shopping from a website that not only helps you decorate your home but also takes pride in the fact that they help you bring the best of India to your homes. EK – by Ektaa R Kapoor helps you build your dream home with their exquisite range of home decor products wherein each product is carefully created to fill your space with good vibes.

At EK, the materials, colours, designs and artifacts all of them have a sense of purpose. For example EK’s bed linens are made of 100% Indian cotton. The soft yet breathable texture makes them a perfect companion for a sound and peaceful sleep.
The brassware collection is Ayurveda inspired and includes artifacts and utensils that a offer a lot of health benefits. Mandala is a sign for attracting balance and positivity and has been used in various EK products.

EK stands for

  • Celebrating Indian roots – products inspired by our rich heritage and ancient wisdom, created for the contemporary Indian home
  • Crafted in India – Handcrafted by Indian artisans who have kept age-old traditions alive across several generations
  • Good for you – Made with materials that are good for you and your family – a committed partner on your wellness journey

My shopping experience with EK

The website is simple with a no-fuss design and loads pretty fast. The products are divided according to collection as well as category. You can find the products ranging from home decor, home furnishings to wellness products. The website has a separate section for Shop Celeb’s Favorites wherein you can shop for the products which your celebrities loved. Isn’t it cool?!

I shopped for cotton double bedsheet and handmade ceramic bowls. Am a fan of cotton as a fabric be it for my clothes or bedsheets. I especially shopped for the ceramic bowls since they are handmade and environmental friendly. After signing up, I placed my order and received all the details of my order via email. Once my order was shipped, I received text message as well as email regarding the same.

Both the products were shipped in different packages but at the same time. This is understandable because it was sourced from two different artisans. I received both the parcels at the same time by same courier service personnel. Hope they ship as many products as possible, of an order in a single package so as to make it a low waste packaging.

The products were not only securely packed but also safely delivered. Overall am happy with my shopping experience and also with the quality of the products. I plan to pick-up some brassware products next time when I shop.

I hope they start international shipping soon and bring the beauty of India to the whole world.

Let me know if you like shopping for authentic Indian craftsman stuff. If your answer if yes then check out EK – By Ektaa R Kapoor and am sure you will love it. If your answer is no, then definitely check them out!

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*I was provided a shopping voucher in exchange of my honest opinion.

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