A Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Lipstick in 2021

There’s nothing like a slick of lipstick to brighten your day! However, many women are hesitant to try on a bright shade because they believe it will not suit them. Sit up and pay attention if you’re one of them! Lipstick can be worn by everyone, and the bolder, the better! It’s as simple as determining your skin tone/undertone and then wearing colours with pride. You can also lookout for a mini lip kit that would be more comfortable and handier while you travel anywhere. But before that, let’s understand how to wear lipstick properly in 2021. So, in the following ten minutes, we’re going to give you the perfect guide on how you can go from a retiring lily to a confident rose.

But What’s Your Undertone?

Wear a pristine white towel/bathrobe and wrap your hair under a white towel in front of a well-lit mirror in the privacy of your bathroom. Drape another white towel over any furniture behind you so that you’re surrounded by white, which will help you see the colours hidden beneath your skin. So, what do you think you’re seeing now? Do you have a blue-tinged complexion? You have a cool undertone to your skin. You have warm undertones if it seems yellowish, and neutral undertones if it appears greenish.

However, looking at the veins on the underside of your forearm or underarm in the sunshine is a faster approach to determine your undertone. You have chilly undertones if your veins are blue or blue purple. Warm undertones are visible in veins that are yellow or olive in colour. You are neutral if you have both blue and green veins, and you can wear colours that complement both cool and warm undertones.

How To Choose A Lip Colour That Complements Your Skin Tone?

For Beginners

Are you hesitant to use pigmented lipstick? Instead, start with a lighter-tinted lip gloss. It won’t brighten your pout, but it will give you the impression that you’re wearing lipstick. Lip gloss is, in fact, the lazy girl’s rescuer because it doesn’t leave a trace, unlike lipstick, which needs to be reapplied to freshen the stain. When you need a little more glitz, simply reapply gloss for a quick boost.

Choose Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Fair (Cool Undertones): Light colours, such as pastel, candy floss pink, or mauve will look great.

Wheatish (Warm Undertones): A peachy-brown lip gloss with a deeper coral hue will look fantastic.

Dusky Skin Tones: For maximum impact, go darker or considerably lighter.

For Intermediates

After you get used to the sensation of lipsticks on your lips, try some lip colours that have the colour saturation and texture of lipsticks but don’t have the bright, poppy hues you’re used to. You can start using a hydrating lip balm instead of lipstick because lipsticks can be drying. Check out a few hues on the inside of your finger because it closely matches your natural lip colour to choose a lipstick that fits it.

Choose Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Fair (Cool Undertones): To look intriguing, add delicate warmth to your makeup with a peach-pink lipstick.

Wheatish (Warm Undertones): A coral lipstick is the epitome of summer. Its cheerful pink and orange combination is one of our favourites. This trendy lipstick hue goes with a wide range of skin tones and instantly enhances your complexion.

Dusky Skin Tones: In berry tones, a couple of shades deeper than your natural lip colour, you’ll appear like a million bucks.

For Advanced Lipstick Users

Now that you’ve mastered the application of lipstick, it’s time to graduate to a deeper, bolder shade. Instead of oranges and purples, opt for a basic red. Yes, everyone may wear red lipstick if they know which shade matches their skin tone. However, the first step is to prepare your lips. Dark lipsticks look terrible on parched, rough lips, so exfoliating dead skin with a little scrub before applying your favourite shade is a must. Keep the rest of your makeup matte, with just a smidgeon of liner and concealer to cover any spots or under-eye circles.

Choose Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Fair (Cool Undertones): Blue-based colours like cherry, burgundy, and wine lipstick colours work nicely for chilly undertones.

Wheatish (Warm Undertones): Women with warm undertones look great in brick reds and other orange-based reds. Women with peach, olive, or tan skin tones should wear these reds.

Dusky Skin Tones: Darker complexion tones can wear any red, so why not try something a little more daring with a berry red?

Note that the lip liners should not be worn under lipstick or gloss since they alter the colour’s tone. Also, refrain from using lip liners that are darker than your lipstick colour.

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