True Frog Cleansing Gel Review

My skin is oily and dehydrated which suffers from white heads even with a slight change in the texture of moisturiser. My skin can’t tolerate heavy or thick consistency moisturizers. When it comes to reducing white heads, double cleansing method works wonders. Today am penning the True Frog Cleansing Gel Review which worked amazing for Fiddy Snail’s Deep Pores Cleansing Method too. Read on to know more.

Brand Claims

Why should makeup remover just remove makeup? Presenting a gel to milk cleanser that cleans dirt and makeup, hydrates, and makes skin smooth and soft. Fortified with

  • Carrot Seed Extract – Reverses sun damage and evens out skin tone
  • Grape Extract – Gently exfoliates and brightens 
  • Shea Butter Esters – Dissolves hard to remove makeup and makes skin silky smooth.

True Frog Cleansing Gel Ingredients

Ecocert Shea Butter Ethyl Esters, ECOCERT Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, ECOCERT-Sucrose Laurate/Sucrose Stearate,  COSMOS Certified – Glycerin /Carrot Root Extract/ Soybean Oil/ Beta-Carotene /Tocopherol, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Juice Extract, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate.

How to use?

Dot all areas of the face, massage well for a minute or so concentrating on the eyes and lips. Gel emulsifies on contact with water, and washes off, similar to a face wash. Skin will feel silky smooth and moisturized with no tight feeling. Follow it up with the facial oil for beautiful glowing skin.

Price, Shelf life and Availability

685 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 2 years from manufacturing. Available on True Frog website, Sublime Official website

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance

The packaging of the cleansing gel is squeezable tube like foaming face wash. Although the dispenser has pump up mechanism. Sometimes it confuses me and I just press the tube to dispense the gel, whereas we need to use the pump up to dispense gel. The consistency of gel is like a foaming gel but works like a gel to milk cleanser. The colour is brilliant, bright yellow and smell is awesome herbal kind. The fragrance is not at all overpowering or too much lingering, it feels good at times. The consistency of gel is little thick and while applying one needs little bit of efforts to spread.

My experience with True Frog Cleansing Gel

The cleansing gel is designed to remove makeup as well as for regular use. The gel spreads easily initially and one needs to massage it a bit after application. I need to use little extra if I am using it to remove sunscreen else other times I use little amount to just use on my oily t-zone. 

After application, upon contact with water the gel emulsifies pretty swiftly without any efforts. One doesn’t need to massage the water as in case of cleansing balms. The gel consistency gives the product an edge above the other emulsifying products such as balms. The easy emulsifying ability of the gel makes it easy to work upon the skin without any pressure on the skin. However, the gel consistency needs to be massaged when used in little more quantity. Sometimes it needs a little more massaging.

The cleansing gel removes sunscreen and BB cream pretty well. As a second cleanser I sometimes use face wash if I feel little oiliness, else I end up using a good powder cleanser. Following up with powder cleansers as second cleanser while using gel to milk emulsifying cleansers is something which I got to know from one of my fellow bloggers Utkarsha. This way my oily, dehydrated skin doesn’t feel dehydrated any further. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and with regular use it does reduce the white heads as in any double cleansing routine.

I also tried the Fiddy Snail’s three steps to clearer pores with this cleansing gel. I use a clay mask with Salicylic acid so I skip first step and then wash off the clay mask and apply the True Frog Cleansing Gel as a cleansing oil. In just first use my pored cleared almost 65%. I could feel the whiteheads getting unplugged and after trying this method I use the cleansing gel once a week for Fiddy Snail’s Deep Pores Cleansing Method.

Overall speaking I would say True Frog Cleansing Gel is a good option to remove makeup or as everyday first cleanser in your double cleansing routine. I haven’t used the same to remove any heavy makeup, but I feel the gel will be able to remove it easily. I didn’t face any eye irritation while using it on my eyes too. However one must be cautious not to let it enter the eyes.


  • Unique Gel to milk cleanser with actual gel consistency
  • Fortified with carrot seed oil, grapeseed oil
  • Emulsifies easily with just in contact with water and doesn’t need any massaging
  • Doesn’t leave any greasy residue
  • Reduces white heads with regular use
  • Works pretty well for the Fiddy Snail’s method too
  • Has good, herbal fragrance which doesn’t feel overwhelming
  • Travel friendly packaging as well gel consistency makes it easy to use while travelling too
  • Removes sunscreen and BB cream as well
  • Doesn’t irritate eye area
  • Gel consistency gives an edge in terms of emulsifying and travel friendliness


  • The pump packaging can be made just squeeze tube
  • Quantity offered for the given price would feel less for people who use daily

True Frog Cleansing Gel Review

True Frog Cleansing Gel is a good one to remove sunscreen and for everyday double cleansing routine. You can use a powder cleanser or foaming cleanser as a second step while using this. The easy emulsifying ability of the gel gives it an edge over balms and also makes it less messy as compared to cleansing oils. I also tried the Fiddy Snail’s method with this gel and it works amazing to reduce your pores when followed regularly. I like it’s fragrance too which is kind of herbal and soothing. If you are looking for a cleansing gel for double cleansing routine you can get this one.


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