FOY Naturals Coco Mango Lip Scrub Review

If you feel using a lip scrub is an unimportant or unnecessary step in your lip care routine, you are not wrong. I had a similar opinion a few months back which has changed now. I simply started using a lip scrub even when I didn’t have any lip chapping, and since then I have never had dry or parched lips. Let us check the FOY Naturals Coco Mango Lip Scrub Review, to see how it fairs. I received the lip scrub as a giveaway gift.

Brand Claims

This delicious lip scrub gently buffs away flaky and dry skin resulting in healthier-looking lips. The castor sugar, cocoa seed butter, fruit extracts and mixture of various natural oils smoothens and enhances the youthful texture of the lips with vitamin E.


Sucrose (Castor sugar), Cocos Nucifera (Extra Virgin Coconut) oil, Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint essential) Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary essential) LEAF OIL, Mangifera indica (Mango essential) oil, Theobroma Cacao (Unrefined Cocoa) Seed Butter, Plant-Based Tocopherol (Vitamin E), L stearic acid, Geogard ECT, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Extract

How to use?

Step 1- Use a generous amount, massage the lip scrub in circular motion.
Step 2- Let it sit for 1-2 minutes and then wash it off.
Step 3- Gently wipe with a warm washcloth.

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance

The lip scrub is housed in a cute, little, metal jar with a twist up cap. The product quantity is 15 grams and suffices for regular use. The texture of the lip scrub is buttery making it apt for scrubbing lips. It is a good mixture of emollient butters and oils along with caster sugar. It is neither very buttery nor crumbly, it is just good for exfoliating the lips. The sugar particles are fine and don’t hurt the lips unless you scrub vigorously or for a long time. The lip scrub has a sweet mango fragrance which might tempt you to taste it.

My experience with FOY Naturals Coco Mango lip scrub

I use the lip scrub at night, usually every alternate day. I scrub for a couple of seconds as a part of my night routine and leave it on for one or two minutes on the lips. I don’t rub excessively or continuously, a few seconds are enough to soften the lips. The lip scrub has fine caster sugar which exfoliates the lip skin. Although please remember to be a little gentle. If you have excessively chapped lips then you may skip using the scrub.

The lip scrub has a delicious mango fragrance as well as colour and you will be tempted to eat but kindly resist the urge to eat.

Now coming to the efficiency part, the lip scrub does brighten the already pink, lower lip of mine. As stated earlier I have always treated this to be normal lip scrub and not a lip lightening one (as mentioned by the brand on website). I am yet to see a visible difference in the lightening of my upper lip.

Coming to the moisturising part, it leaves a buttery layer on the lips and I just brush off the sugar particles and dab with water. It makes the lips soft and I dab another layer of lip balm on top of it. The conditioning plant based butters and carrier oils help with softening of the dry lips. I am sure you will benefit from this lip scrub if you use it regularly in your routine and do not wait till your lips are chapped to use a lip scrub.

Often I face one problem while using a lip scrub, the buttery texture goes on the face as it is nearly impossible to just scrub the lips and not the adjacent part on face. Anyway, somehow I manage that, but I am not backing out from using a lip scrub.

The In

  • Exfoliates the dead lip skin nicely
  • Seals the moisture in lips and softens the skin of lips
  • Hydrates parched lips without clogging pores
  • Brightens dull, darkened lips with regular use
  • Adds a natural sheen
  • Soothes, smooths and repairs coarse and parched lips
  • Forms a protective defence against environmental aggressors
  • Keeps the lips healthy
  • A little goes a long way and product lasts long

The Out

  • Nothing as such

FOY Naturals Coco Mango Lip Scrub Review

I would suggest you to pick the FOY Naturals Coco Mango Lip Scrub if you are looking for a good lip scrub. The product has small sized sugar particles which don’t hurt and emollient ingredients which help in softening the lip skin. The product lasts long due to the less quantity required for each use. Kindly check if have any allergies related to essential oils used in the product. Overall a good lip scrub and quality product from FOY Naturals. I would definitely say it is one of the best lip scrub in India.


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