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Shopping for fabrics is nothing new to me. All of my school, college and job days, I have been an underweight person. Ready-made dresses hardly used to fit me, not even the XS size. My mom is my favorite person when it comes to shopping and I vividly remember going out in later afternoons to get fabrics for me and she used to stitch them for me.

Recently I had an opportunity to shop with FabCurate and all the old memories of my shopping experience with my Mom were revived. If you have ever stitched clothes for yourself you will know how fun it is to choose the right color and design.

Although due to the ongoing pandemic, we can’t go out for shopping leave alone shopping for fabric. I picked up a few fabrics from FabCurate which is your one stop destination for fabrics. Let us see what is out there.

About FabCurate

Fabcurate was born with a sole purpose of curating the best fabrics for people who don’t consider their fabrics as just another “stash”. We look at fabrics as collections, to be used, admired, and to be taken care of like any a valuable thing. To top it all we are based out of Surat, Gujarat which is the textile capital of the country. The best yarn production, weaving, processing and even embroidery happen in Surat. Always adaptive to the changes in the latest trends, the city has never failed torespond to the changing preferences of people

To begin with you will find, literally every fabric you have ever heard of on FabCurate. I was astonished by the variety they offer. The artisans at FabCurate are fully trained to create crafts like – Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie & Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, etc which reflect the royal Indian culture.

What is so special about FabCurate?

You might be curious to know that what sets FabCurate apart from shopping fabrics in physical stores? Well all the fabrics available on FabCurate are without any “MINIMUM QUANTITY LIMIT”. Yes, you heard it correct! Fabcurate doesn’t just bring you a myriad variety of premium fabrics to choose from but also gives you an opportunity to order the quantity of your choice. Be it a thousand meters fabric or just one we make sure we fulfil your need without any terms and conditions.

If you have ever shopped for fabrics from physical stores you will know, how the fabric you absolutely fell in love with is available in only 2 or 1 meter length. I have been through this a lot when my Mom used to stitch my clothes. The fabric which me and my mom used to like was available in lesser than required length.

Let us see what all I shopped from FabCurate!

Jungle Green Checks Pattern Pin-Tucks Plain Cotton Fabric
This is a part of the pin-tuck collection that is curated to add decorative element and texture to your garment. It is created by folding the fabric and sewing from the folded edge. It looks fabulous and goes well with a white pyjama or palazzo.

Parakeet Green Checks Pattern Pin-Tucks Yarn Dyed Plain Cotton Fabric
I loved the Green colour of this fabric and thought of adding another pin tuck fabric to my collection as I already had picked up the above one.

Ginger Orange And White Trellis Pattern Pre-Washed Ikat Cotton Fabric
Ikat is my favorite fabric of all. Ikat is a symbiosis of colors and patterns and is available in plethora of solid colors like – black, magenta, orange, blue, red. The yarn is woven with great skill to achieve the blurry yet precise zig-zag and rectangular patterns which we find in this fabric.

My shopping experience had been pretty smooth right from placing my order to receiving the delivery. The website is also user friendly and has clean design which makes navigation super easy. I am super impressed with the variety of fabrics and colour they have.

I would highly recommend FabCurate for all your fabric needs. Being a blogger sometimes it is hard to find some photography props and at such times a good quality fabric can be easily used as a background or photography prop to shoot the product images.

*I was provided the above fabrics in exchange of my honest opinion.

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