5 Self Care Activities I try to do Regularly

I was introduced to the word self care last year although unconsciously I was following one or two activities for self care. Last year lockdown hit me hard when most of the time I was angry or irritated with the messed up schedule.

The uncertainty and fear, definitely was a learning curve for me. I realized and introspected my behavior pattern and noticed or mentally took a note of the incidents when I used to get angry or cranky. And am so glad I did this little exercise :).

Not to mention, this year lockdown feels the same but am not getting angry or irritated like last year. I can clearly feel a difference in the way this year am feeling about myself.

Self care is taking care of you and it is in no way being selfish. Self care means just getting some alone time or doing the things which give you joy. Please do not confuse self care with indulging into the things you like to do. For example if I love eating chips, I am not going to call that as a self care activity. If I keep on eating chips daily it is going to give me either an acidity which I definitely do not want.

When it comes to self care there is no one size fits all. Everyone is unique and hence the self care activities for everyone are different too. What works for one might be draining for others.

Let’s get started with the 5 Self Care Activities I try to do

Having my morning tea in silence
I am a true chai person. I like having my tea by the window. Usually I get up early on the weekends and have my tea by the window. Tea and sunshine to my rescue 🌞.

Eating my lunch on time
My body type is pitta, according to Ayurveda. Not eating on time gives me severe headache and increases the acidity. So I try to follow this every single day. If am not able to follow this, I make sure to eat something at 11:30, so that I can avoid the acidity.

Arranging the cupboard or skincare stash or kitchen shelf or cleaned utensils.
There is nothing more satisfying for me than getting things in order. Usually I arrange my clothes and my son’s clothes nicely. I also go through my skincare stash regularly and sort products to check the expiry date of the products.

Cooking my favorite veggies
As a mother it is very easy for me to cook the things my son loves to eat. The veggies which I love eating aren’t fondly eaten by other family members. So weekly twice or thrice I savour my favorite veggies.

Using a face pack or mask
As a skincare fanatic this shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone. I like using my favorite face pack or mask weekly twice and it feels oh so good after a long tiring day at night!

I hope this post inspires or motivates you to take care of yourself amidst the difficult situation. If you have any self care activities or you want to read up on self care go ahead and check out some blog posts on Google. Some blog posts might just help you clear up the ideas as well.

Apart from the below self care activities I plan to follow a few more activities which I feel might be able to keep me sane. As of now am focusing on eating good food, drinking sufficient water, intermittent fasting and reading some good books.

Gallon water bottle with straw

I am especially looking forward to making a habit of drinking water at regular intervals as I suffer from acidity. I am thinking of choosing gallon water bottle with straw so that it is easy for me to drink the water if am working or cooking and don’t need to fill up my glass everytime. This water bottle has following features.

  • Designed to help you drink more and stay hydrated
  • Can be filled with any cold beverage
  • Leakproof Water Bottle with motivational time marker
  • Plastic is BPA free, no chemical smell or taste
  • Sturdy-handle convenient to carry or handle
  • Perfect for sports enthusiasts to fit any indoor & outdoor activities including hiking, running, workout,camping
  • Wide mouth and with straw for easy drinking
  • Available in 5 attractive colors

I also want to buy a few things which I feel will be able to keep me on track like a few inspirational books, some skincare (of course :D) and some adult coloring books.

About Sonali

Sonali, is a skincare aficionado who tackles one skin problem at a time. She has been blogging at Skincare Villa since 2016 and is a Certified Formulator for making dry powder based masks and cleansers.