Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Under Eye Recovery Gel Review

Mother Sparsh Under Eye Recovery Gel is made with Plant Powered Formulation – made out of all plant-based ingredients.I have been using the eye gel all through December and January and am ready to pen down the review. The review will let you all know if it actually works or not.

Brand Claims

Eyes are the first indicators of stress and aging, the buildup of sleeplessness, fatigue, and stress can leave the delicate under-eye skin looking dull and tired. The restorative formula of Mother Sparsh’s Plant Powered Under Eye Recovery Gel helps in awakening your eyes with its reviving blend of avocado oil, cucumber extracts, and glycerin. It’s lightweight and effective formula helps reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes while visibly reducing the signs of aging.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Under Eye Recovery Gel Review


Water, Glycerine, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Glucosyl Hesperidin, Sodium Pca, Cucumber Fruit extract, Fragrance (IFRA Certified Fragrance), Polysorbate 20, Sodium Hydroxide, Allantoin, Sodium Benzoate, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil.

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance

The eye gel is packed in a small 15gms tube with a white colour packaging. The cap is fully removable with a twist up mechanism. The tip of the under eye gel tube dispenses the perfect amount of the eye gel. The texture of the under eye recovery gel is opaque gel which is little watery. The colour is opaque and has a little herbal fragrance. The fragrance is almost negligent and is absolutely non bothering.

The consistency of the under eye gel is very nice, it isn’t much watery and not much thick. The packaging of the eye gel is very travel friendly and compact. The tube type packaging is good keeping the hygiene in mind as compared to the tub one.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Under Eye Recovery Gel Review

My experience with Under Eye Recovery Gel

I suffer from dark circles since a long time and have been regularly using eye creams since a long time. This is first time am using an eye gel.

The gel is watery which easily glides on the under eye area while instantly hydrating and smoothening it out. I can feel a little tightening of the skin when I apply the eye gel in excess.

It gives a cooling effect to the under eye area while hydrating, cooling and soothing it with regular use. The lightweight gel formula soothes and refreshes eyes while not feeling heavy or greasy. The cooling and soothing properties of the under eye recovery gel will be helpful for the upcoming summers.

As far as dark circles are concerned, I hardly see any difference. I wouldn’t say the eye gel absolutely doesn’t work, but it just helps to hydrate and soothe the eye area. I couldn’t find any difference in the disappearance of fine lines or at least softening of them. Although being said that I would prefer a cream based under eye Care product instead of gel one.

Overall speaking the gel formula will be very useful for people who suffer from milia or don’t feel using cream based eye care products. It can also be used in prepping up the eye area before an eye makeup. It helps to hydrate the under eyes and that is the only thing I find helpful about the product.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Under Eye Recovery Gel Review

Price, Shelf life and Availability

449 INR for 15 gms with a shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacturing. Available here

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Under Eye Recovery Gel Review

The under eye recovery gel glides smoothly on the under eye area while hydrating and soothing. The light weight formula refreshes while giving a smoothing effect. I couldn’t see any difference in reduction of dark circles or softening of fine lines. The product will be useful for people who prefer the gel based eye care products or for intense summers when the eye area needs cooling effects.


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