Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser For Oily skin Review

I like using powder cleansers a lot as a part of my morning routine. They are gentle and do not strip the skin of natural oil and can also double up as a scrub cum mask. Today we will check Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser For Oily skin Review.

Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser For Oily skin Review

Brand Claims

Cleanse the skin thoroughly making it smooth and radiant. Reduce acne/ pimple. Regular usage lightens the spots/blemishes and de-tans the skin. Best for Oily Skin to Normal Skin.

  • Reduces Acne/ Pimples drastically
  • Takes out dirt, sweat, oil completely from skin pores
  • Removes make-up easily
  • Mild abrasive property helps remove build up dead skin cells & Polishes the skin.
  • Facilitates easy absorption of creams & oils in skin pores.
  • Completely fades away marks/blemishes
  • De-tans the skin

Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser Ingredients

Shikakai, Reetha, Liquorice, Anantmool, Eucalyptus, Essential oils of Basil & Sweet lime.

Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser For Oily skin Review

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance

The cleanser is housed in a glass jar with a metal cap on it. The product is also accompanied by a small wooden spoon to scoop out the powder cleanser. The texture of the powder cleanser is grainy and not finely milled powder. The fragrance of the product is spicy with a predominant shikaki fragrance. If you have ever used shikaki or reetha to wash your hair, you would be able to relate to what am saying. While using powder cleansers water should not enter the jar else the product might get spoilt. Keep away from moisture in a dry and cool place.

My experience with Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser For Oily skin

As stated earlier powder cleanser is not finely milled, so a light hand is definitely needed as you work up the powder cleanser to wash your face. Making a runny consistency paste helps in effortless cleansing without much pressure. The powder cleanser nicely cleanses the face and makes gives it a bright and fresh feel. It does not dry out the skin or make it stretchy. I don’t suffer from any acne or pimple problem so cannot comment whether the powdered cleanser helps with acne. Although if you have active acne then you can be extra careful as to not irritate the acne.

It also reduces the sebaceous filaments and white heads to a little extent with regular usage. I would say it is more of a scrub as opposed to the cleanser. If you are someone who like a cleanser which also doubles up as a mild scrub then you will enjoy using the Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser (oily skin). People using actives or retinoids or with sensitive skin can skip using this powder cleanser due to the mild scrubbing nature.

Do not let the powder cleanser go inside the eyes as it stings a lot. Accidentally once the powder cleanser entered through the corner of my left eye and it stinged a bit and made my eye red. The powder cleanser is also not able to remove makeup as per the brand claims. No powder cleanser can remove makeup or sunscreen.

Price, shelf life and Availability

580 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 6 months once opened. Available at Snaana website, use code SKINCARE25 to avail 25% discount on the website.

Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser For Oily skin Review

Snaana Powdered Face Cleanser is a good option to reduce white heads and sebaceous filaments as well as cleansing for oily skin. The product needs a pretty gentle hand while working upon the skin. Due to the ingredients in it, you have to keep it away from the eyes. Given the consistency and ingredients sensitive oily skin can skip this. I don’t suffer from acne so can’t say whether this powder cleanser will help with acne or not. I wish the product has a soft base flour like ingredient in it for smooth working of cleansing effect. Also at the given price I would expect a little more than 50 gms quantity. Overall speaking it is not a must have product if you are new to using powder cleansers!


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  1. I love powder cleansers too. Gentle yet highly effective…just loved the honest review ..❤️

  2. I have acne prone skin so i avoid using powder cleanser but they act as great face packs.

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