Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot Face Wash Review

Greenie Mill is a brand I truly adore for the combination of different ingredients that they use in their formulations. The mix of ingredients is unique and products are effective. Another best part about them is they use hydrosols instead of plain, distilled water in most of their formulations. Today we will be checking out the Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash Review which has impressed me too much.

Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash Review

Brand Claims
What makes this facial cleanser different is that it is formulated with Lemon balm hydrosol as its key ingredient which could help reduce pore size, keep out excess sebum, dirt, and microbes due to its antimicrobial properties.
Alongside tulsi extract to help purify the skin to allow for new soft supple skin & bergamot essential oil helps to curb acne. Even though this cleanser can help with oily skin it still won’t dry out the skin since it is loaded with glycerine.
At first touch with this cleanser you will notice it has a very light weight gel like texture to it. It instantly creates a soft, silky, and luxurious lather that  helps to reduce inflammation, remove blackheads and help with breakouts.
Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) leaf distillate,sodium cocoyl isethionate**,Coco glucoside**, Glycerin,Ocimum Sanctum (Holy basil) Leaf Extract, Xanthan gum,Aqua; Sodium Levulinate; Potassium Sorbate(Natural preservative), Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Citric acid (to adjust the PH).**Natural surfactants Sourced from coconuts. The Bergamot essential oil used is free from furanocoumarin. Safe to be used in day time too.
Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash Review
How to use it?
Moisten the face, apply a small quantity of the face wash and gently work up a lather using a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry.
Packaging, Texture and Fragrance
The packaging is an amber coloured glass jar with a plastic pump packaging. The packaging is of good quality and does feel luxurious. The texture of the face wash is gooey gel and consistency is not too thin or runny or thick, it is quite easy to work around with the consistency. The fragrance is mild citrus with a hint of bergamot. The fragrance feels good if we dispense only two pumps, more than two pumps fragrance feels strong note of bergamot.
My experience with Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash
The face wash doesn’t lather into a bubbly foam due to gooey nature. It gives a soft foam which will feel a little frothy but don’t try to foam it by working up a lather as it won’t. Initially I tried to work it on my palms and then use it and I was also using three pumps at a time. I didn’t find much difference when I did it this way. Later on after reading the instructions I just used two pumps and directly worked on my face instead of palms and it works good that way.
I have used the face wash regularly as a PM cleanser as well as sometimes in my AM routine too and it doesn’t dry out the skin. The face has mild exfoliating properties and I could see my already mild whiteheads and blackheads reducing to a good extent after using it for almost 4 weeks. The best part about the face wash is that it actually rehydrates the skin due to the presence of glycerin in it. I never believed in any claims of rehydration claims of a cleanser of any brand, but Greenie Mill has made me change that notion. While washing the face itself the skin feels baby soft. Later on I can’t keep my hands off the face to feel the soft skin feeling.
Most Greenie Mill products have distillates as the first ingredient instead of distilled plain water. Similarly the face wash has Lemon balm hydrosol as a major ingredient along with tulsi and bergamot. The face wash is targeted to reduce acne, although I don’t suffer much from acne so I can’t tell if it actually helps or not. I have also not tried removing sunscreen with the face wash due it’s mild foaming nature. It definitely helps in mildly exfoliating the whiteheads and rehydrating the skin. I can see a difference in my oily skin in terms of hydration and clarity ever since including this face wash in my routine.
Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash Review
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Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash Review

I am impressed by the hydrating effect and exfoliating properties of the Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash. I know some may not believe in the rehydration by a face cleanser although this face wash has changed my notion about the same. The face wash cleanses the skin while exfoliating it mildly and bringing clarity to the skin. It can be used as a daily face wash in PM routine as well as AM routine, although only one time use per day is sufficient according to my experience. The face wash is already on my repurchase list and if you know me as a person I rarely repurchase a cleanser as I like to keep on trying new ones. Greenie Mill Lemon balm Tulsi & Bergamot face wash is a good pick for combination, oily acne prone skin for it’s amazing ingredients and efficiency.

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