Best Websites to buy Sustainable Beauty Products In India

With the increasing awareness of animal cruelty there has been a surge in cruelty free, vegan and organic brands. It is even easier to choose a cruelty free, vegan product in India than the previous years.
With the beauty industry booming day by day in India, cruelty-free and vegan beauty products are swarming the market. Right from skincare products to makeup, from lifestyle to food, everything has a sustainable option today.
Many brands have come up with sustainable packaging, cruelty-free and vegan products. Most of the brands are handmade brands and a few are commercial ones too. Keeping in mind the vast variety of products as well as brands it is nearly difficult to shop from different websites for your sustainable beauty and lifestyle needs.
So how does a person who has made sustainable lifestyle, a choice, shop for their needs? Imagine having the overhead of shopping from different websites, paying shipping for each website and then keeping a track of each one. Sounds hectic, right!? So to make this easy, there are stores or websites which stock up cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable products.
Best Websites to buy Sustainable Beauty Products In India
The main objective of these websites is to bring all the brands who are into cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably developed products under one roof. This not only saves the hassle of paying shipping to each brands’ products but also makes it easier for the consumer to save their time by making all options available at one aggregated place.

Websites for Sustainable Beauty Products In India

  1. Mytara
  2. VanityWagon
  3. The Green Maven
  4. Sublime Life

MYTARA was created with an ideology to bring all vegan brands from all over India under a single roof. Renu Shukla, the founder of Mytara, would go through different websites in search of a vegan, chemical free and cruelty free product. This was her inspiration to start Mytara by bringing the vegan, cruelty free products at one place and make it easy for the people who are into vegan and cruelty free products. Mytara has a wide array of products ranging from beauty, lifestyle and health. For a product to be listed on Mytara it has to be vegan + cruelty free + toxic chemical free. The best part about the products that are stocked up on Mytara is that the price range of most products is very affordable.
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Best Websites to buy Sustainable Beauty Products In India
Vanity Wagon was founded in 2018 by Naina Ruhail, keeping in mind the need for sustainable beauty and a conscious lifestyle. She took up an extensive R&D to study the exact situation of sustainable and conscious beauty and lifestyle in India. Her analysis led her to come up with VanityWagon as a user friendly portal wherein she could educate and introduce people to safe, effective, authentic and non toxic beauty and personal care products. VanityWagon skims through and finds the finest natural & organic products for your skin and hair. Vanity Wagon approves every brand that they bring to the customer and to be approved by Vanity Wagon, the products have to be luxurious, safe and effective. VanityWagon has around 52 brands spread across skincare, haircare and makeup section. They literally have all products catering to the needs of beauty.
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The Green Maven
The Green Maven is a green lifestyle read and shop website for green beauty, sustainable living and holistic wellness. Initially, The Green Maven was started as a knowledge sharing platform to educate people regarding the harmful effects of using chemicals in their personal care products and how healthy living and wellness of mind, body and soul are important, through their blogs, videos, e-books, recipes and tips. The green and clean brands that are safe to use, non-toxic, environment friendly, certified and stand true to what they claim are the ones listed on The Green Maven. Shritama Mukherjee is the founder as well as Editor-In-Chief of The Green Maven. She is an actor turned entrepreneur. The Green Maven mostly caters to the skincare needs of their readers cum consumers.
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Best Websites to buy Sustainable Beauty Products In India
Sublime Life
Sublime Life was founded by Ador Group, a business Group which has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of skincare and personal care products. Over the time, the founder realised that the beauty industry is dominated by the same large, commercial brands for years. Sublime Life was born with a desire to build a more sustainable environment while keeping the consumers at the heart of the business and working hard to bring a wide range of diversified brands that have a common values of transparency, honesty and authenticity. Sublime Life caters to the skincare, hair care, makeup and bath and body products along with essentials. The best part about the Sublime Life is the plastic-free shipping they provide with each purchase. This reduces the environmental impact made with every purchase you make in the form of recycled material being used at Sublime for packaging boxes, wrapping materials and the tape.
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The common thing about all the websites listed above is that they do not stock up products having parabens, mineral oil or phthalates. The products housed by the above platforms are natural and/or cruelty free and/or vegan and are sustainable. The websites have a wide range of products so that you can shop at your heart’s content.
So the next time you are in the search of a paraben free moisturizer do check the above websites to shop from!!
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