Vilvah Lip Scrub Review

I rarely use a lip scrub, but I often have chapped lips. I received the Vilvah Lip Scrub as a part of the giveaway held on Instagram. The cute little pink tub has my heart. I used it for a few weeks and am penning down my review.

Vilvah Lip Scrub Review
Vilvah Lip Scrub is made up of some different ingredients and claims to light the pigmented lips, let’s head to the review and see whether claims hold true or not.

Brand Claims of Vilvah Store Lip Scrub
Prep your dry lips perfectly before a lip tint or lipstick!! Our lip scrub is made with the lip smacking combination of organic sugar to get that desired soft and kissable lips.

Vilvah Lip Scrub Review
Vilvah Lip Scrub Review

Ingredients of Vilvah Lip Scrub

Organic Shea butter, Avocado oil, Almond oil, lemon essential oil, Organic Sugar, Beeswax, spearmint essential oil
How to use Vilvah Lip Scrub?
Take a pinch and scrub on your lips for 2 minutes. Wash it off and follow up with lipbalm of your choice. This can be used on alternative days and before applying lipsticks.

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 290 INR for 15 gms with a shelf life of 10 months. Available online as well as in stores.
Packaging, Texture and Fragrance of Vilvah Lip Scrub
The packaging is a cute, little, metal jar with a twist up cap. The product quantity is 15 grams and is too much to finish off. I also like the cute pink sticker it carries, aesthetically I love this tub too much. The texture of the lip scrub is little buttery which is apt for scrubbing lips. The texture is a good mixture of Shea butter and oils along with sugar. It is neither overtly buttery nor crumbly, it is just perfect for scrubbing. The sugar particles are very fine although not a powder and don’t hurt the lips. The lip scrub has a sharp note of lemon essential oil in it. As you scrub your lips, the deep fragrance of the lemon essential oil becomes prominent. The fragrance feels like a fresh burst of lemon.
Vilvah Lip Scrub Review
Vilvah Lip Scrub Review
My experience with Vilvah Lip Scrub
I have a pigmented upper lip which I hardly pay attention to. It never bothered me or simply never hit me, if I would say, I never felt like I should do something about it.
I use Vilvah Lip Scrub at night, usually twice a week and not more than that. I scrub for a couple of seconds as a part of my night routine and leave it on for one or two minutes on the lips. I don’t rub excessively or continuously. The lip scrub has fine sugar particles which exfoliate the lips upto a certain extent, although please remember to be a little gentle. If you have excessively chapped lips the scrub will irritate a bit. I happened to use it twice while having some broken skin on lips and it irritated a bit.
Now coming to the efficiency part, the lip scrub hasn’t lightened my upper lip which is pigmented but it does brighten the already pink, lower lip. As stated earlier I have always treated this to be normal lip scrub and not a lip colour lightening one. Also keeping in mind the quantity of the lip scrub, I sometimes end up using this on my elbows and it definitely brightens them up. I am yet to see a visible difference in the lightening of my upper lip.
Coming to the moisturising part, post usage it leaves a buttery layer on the lips. I just brush off the sugar particles and dab with water. It makes the lips soft overnight. While using this lip scrub, a lip balm with SPF is a must as it contains lemon essential oil and spearmint essential oil.
Lemon essential oil in the scrub acts as a natural bleaching agent and lightens the lip color. It also helps to even out the pigmented lips. The conditioning Shea butter, almond oil and avocado oil help with softening of the dry lips.

Lemon essential oil makes your skin sensitive to irritation from the sun, so it is best to avoid direct sunlight when using this citrus essential oil or any product containing it. I usually use this lip scrub in late evening or at night as I don’t own a single lip balm with SPF.

Another point, do not let the product, go inside the mouth if you are pregnant or lactating women. Also check for any allergies with essential oils if you haven’t used any product with essential oils previously.
Vilvah Lip Scrub Review or Recommendation
I would suggest you to pick Vilvah Lip Scrub if you are looking for a good lip scrub. The product also works good to exfoliate dark elbows and brighten them up. The product has perfectly small sized sugar particles which don’t hurt. The product lasts long due to the less quantity required for each use. Keep in mind that it is best to avoid using this lip scrub during daytime since it contains lemon essential oil. A lip balm with SPF is always needed to prevent pigmented lips. Also this product lemon and spearmint essential oils, so kindly check if have any allergies related to essential oils. Overall a good lip scrub and quality product from Vilvah Store.

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