Earthy By Ellenza Saffron Gel Review

Oily skin, yeah yeah yeah!

Light weight moisturizer, yeah yeah yeah!
I like using light weight moisturizers on my oily acne prone skin and it has made a huge difference in the appearance of my pores over the past one year. Oh yes, that’s the time my skin actually took, to show effects on my pores.
Coming back to the review it’s all about the Earthy By Ellenza
Saffron Gel which I received in the month of August 2019. I have used it for 20-25 days and then posting the Earthy By Ellenza Saffron Gel Review.
Earthy By Ellenza Saffron Gel
Brand Claims
Earthy’s saffron gel is carefully handmade with blends of luxurious Kashmiri and Iranian saffron. The raw saffron we use is famously known to lighten and brighten skin tone. Our formulation works as an overnight treatment, soaking in the goodness of blended saffron with rosehip, pomegranate, and lavender. This blend also works on eliminating acne and blemishes. Once used, it leaves your skin feeling naturally renewed and healthy.
Aloe gel, Rosehip oil, Kashmiri Saffron, Iranian Saffron and lavender EO

How to use
Take a pea size amount and apply it evenly on the face, massaging in an upward direction. For best results, use overnight to repair and rejuvenate skin.
Caution for using the Saffron Gel
Refrigerate while storing. Highly potent only for 2 months from date of purchase of 25gms  & 5 months for 100gms.
Packaging, texture and fragance
When I received the product that time the packaging was a San jar. However the packaging has changed and product is housed in glass jar now. The texture of the product is light weight gel sort. The Saffron gel has a soothing fragrance of lavender.

My experience with Earthy By Ellenza Saffron Gel

It is a very light weight gel which sinks into the skin like a charm. I sometimes use during the day and mostly during the night. A pea sized product is good enough to moisturize the face and neck area. Product has soothing lavender fragrance which doesn’t linger much!
The gel makes the skin even toned. It is non oily, non sticky and light weight in nature. It gives a nice glow to the face and adds softness to the skin. Also the quantity you see in the picture is 25 gms and I haven’t even finished half of it.
Sometimes I use it as a sleeping mask and I wake up to a subtle, soft glow on my skin. When you use the product more to use as a sleeping mask it just ends up being on the skin and gives a little stretchy feeling like an artificial mask. So using more than required product at one go is just going to make it go waste (which is absolutely not recommended keeping in mind the price of the product).
The product is to be said potent within 2 months of purchase. The Saffron Gel needs to be stored in fridge, which makes it difficult to keep in mind using the product regularly. The only con I can find in the product is the need to store in fridge. If you like using saffron infused products or are looking for a lightweight gel for your skin go for it. Also the product is not fungal acne safe since it has oils in it. So people who are allergic to essential oils or people who can’t tolerate carrier oils in general should avoid this product.
Price, Shelf life and Availability – 700 INR for 30 gms with a shelf life of 2 months. Available for order via Earthy by Ellenza Instagram(@eathybyellenza) or Earthy By Ellenza online (

Recommendation of Earthy By Ellenza Saffron Gel

Saffron gel by Earthy By Ellenza is a good option to make your skin soft and glowing. Saffron is known for to reduce pigmentation and acne marks plus prevents acne too. The product works as a moisturiser plus sleeping mask too. Keeping in mind the product price and the fact that it needs refrigeration, buying this product while using other moisturisers is not a good decision. If you buy this product make sure you regularly use this and don’t over use than recommended. I would also wish that this product be launched with a stable preservative.