Indrani Cosmetics Products’ Review

Today we will be talking about a brand called Indrani Cosmetics. I have been using their products since past 25 days and am really liking some of them. Indrani Cosmetics was formed on 21st July 1993 and it’s foundation was laid in Maharashtra as one of the first pioneers of manufacturing cosmetics in India.

They have 102 products in their line which range from Hair care to premium products, from facial kits to gift sets. I have used some o their products over a few weeks and I will be reviewing them for you all.

Indrani Cosmetics Orange Facial Kit

Indrani Cosmetics Orange Facial Kit is designed for oily skin to reduce the oiliness and give a radiant and refreshed look. The kit consists of Lemon Cleansing milk, apricot scrub, orange facial massage gel, massage cream, orange face pack and astringent. The facial kit will easily last for 4-5 usages depending on the amount used per use. Since the products are housed in small containers storing the left over quantity is not a problem which sometimes arises with pouch packaging of facial kits. I liked using the scrub, face pack the most in this range. I didn’t use the astringent step mentioned in the leaflet of the kit. The facial kit gives radiant and nourished look to the skin. The glow which the kits gives lasts almost a day. So if you want to use the kit for any occasion or function this would be a good choice.
Price – 200 INR for one kit with a shelf life of 24 months.

Indrani Cosmetics Pearl Cream

Indrani Cosmetics Pearl Cream claims to give baby soft skin with it’s active enzymes and pear powder and is especially helpful for oily and suntanned skin. I have used this cream without massage as well as with massage. I feel it works better after massaging than simply applying as a cream. When used as a massage cream it has helped me in fading out my acne marks and reducing the uneven skin tone. I also makes the skin plump and soft. When applied as a moisturizer it gives a semi matte effect on my oily skin.
Price – 500 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 24 months.

Indrani Cosmetics Anti Acne Gel

Indrani Cosmetics Anti Acne Gel is fortified with neem extracts and salicylic acid. To be honest this product works good on acne but the consistency and fragrance of this product is not upto the mark. It reduces the size of small zits in a matter of three days but the sticky feeling it gives is unbearable. I wanted to use this gel as an overnight sleeping mask given the gooey texture of the gel. However if you apply a thick layer it gets very sticky and you need to wash it off. Overall speaking it was an ok sort of a product for me.
Price – 1200 INR for 300 gms with a shelf life of 24 months.

Speaking of the premium cosmetics’ status of Indrani Cosmetics, their products have parabens as preservative. I do understand the need of a good preservative for a product with water as an ingredient. However I don’t understand the high and artificial fragrance content of the product. If you are someone who is allergic to fragrance or have sensitive skin kindly avoid products with artificial fragrance. The anti acne gel has the most lingering fragrance, out of the products I tried. Being said that I like the facial kit the most out of the above mentioned.

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